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FFXIV Guide to All 12 Routes of Mount Rokkon

"There's no earthly way of knowing which direction we are going."

Final Fantasy XIV introduced Variant Dungeons, a unique Duty where players are given a choice in several different routes to take, in the form of The Sil’dihn Subterrane during Patch 6.25. Over half a year later, Patch 6.45 adds a new Variant Dungeon for Warriors of Light to explore, Mount Rokkon.

There are 12 different outcomes in Mount Rokkon, and each “ending” is decided by which path you and your party take and the actions taken along the way. Each track awards a symbol of completion as a Mount Rokkon Exorcism Record. Finishing all 12 routes grants the Burabura Chochin mount, an ominous-looking paper lantern that hopefully doesn’t get the urge to chew when used.

Lalafell riding the Burabura mount
Image via Square Enix

Once Mount Rokkon is unlocked and your Variant Actions are set, it’s time to head in. The Variant Dungeon can be found in the V&C Duty Finder, and players can queue in from there. The first choice for players to make is deciding which of the three portals to take — the left, middle, or right. Each has four different endings, some requiring minor variations from other routes, while others take you in a different direction entirely.

Here are all 12 of Mount Rokkon’s Exorcism Records and how to unlock them.

Disclaimer: All 12 routes were tested by the writers at Fanbyte and have been confirmed to work. While some adjustments may be made, Fanbyte writers have unlocked all routes to confirm they are as accurate as possible.

Record one – “Gift of the Onmyoji”

The party begins by choosing the left portal. Follow the path forward as you would any other dungeon, defeating enemies along the way until you reach a door with two statues and a crystal ball. Do not interact with the statues — instead, interact with the crystal, which should open the door. Clear out the enemies in the next room, and Hancock will inspect a case on the table near the stairs. Interact with the case to close it, then continue to the final boss.

Record two – “The Crimson Sword”

The beginning of this route plays out like the previous one. Players need to take the left portal and not touch the statues. When Hancock inspects the case on the table, ignore it this time and move on.

Record three – “A Tale of Dead Men”

Players will take the left portal and continue throughout the dungeon until they reach the door with two statues. Interacting with a statue will rotate it 90 degrees, and players must face them in the correct directions before interacting with the auspice glass. The statue of Suzaku will need to be facing the door, while Seiryu faces to the left towards Suzaku.

Visual of correct statue orientation in Mount Rokkon
Image via Square Enix

With the two statues rotated, interacting with the glass opens a hidden side door. After defeating the enemies on the roof, players will head into the next room to find four enemies. The party needs to keep an eye on the Apa, which will cast Water III to extinguish the lanterns in the room. The party must let it happen, ensuring not to kill it or interrupt its action. With the lanterns extinguished, players can clear the room and move on.

Record four – “Forging a Legacy”

The steps for the fourth route are the same as the third until encountering the Apa. The party must interrupt the Apa’s cast of Water III to keep the lanterns in the room lit before facing the final boss.

Record five – “The Luthier and the Songstress”

The fifth record requires the middle portal, where the party will follow Hancock’s direction. A rope can be pulled just outside the route’s first boss, but it does not affect the Duty’s outcome. Pulling the rope changes certain mechanics of the boss and opens the path to the right after defeating them, while ignoring it opens the way to the left. Both bring you to the same destinations, so it’s up to players’ preference whether to pull it before continuing.

After defeating the tiger that appears in a painting later in the dungeon, you will enter a room with a tower of boxes conveniently set up in the shape of a staircase. This route requires you to ignore it, instead taking the more obvious path through the door on the right side of the room.

Continue until you encounter a fearful baboon after defeating a pack of enemies. When given the dialogue option, spare it, then move on to the final boss.

Record six – “Lost to Avarice”

Unlocking Record Six is nearly identical to Record Five, only until when given the choice of sparing the baboon, choose the second option, which will result in a fight with the creature before continuing.

Record seven – “Beyond the Lanterns’ Light”

After taking the middle portal and defeating the first boss and the tiger from the painting, you must climb the tower of crates in the following room. After making it to the top, stick close to the wall to walk along the wooden trim before hopping onto the upper floor. Pull the rope to open a path for Hancock to join you before fighting a group of lanterns.

Record eight – “The Common Man’s Courage”

The party must take the right portal and continue on until they encounter a dogu figurine nested inside a tree. Ignore the statue and move on. After defeating the first boss, interact with any sacred stones along the path to clean them of moss. There are four stones total, and completion of the route requires all of them to be cleaned to unlock.

Record nine – “Sound of the Stone”

A very straightforward route, Record Nine requires the party to take the right portal and keep their eyes on the prize. Do not grab the dogu statue in the tree, don’t polish any sacred stones. Keep moving forward and taking down any packs of mobs along the way.

Record ten – “The Seal of Silence”

Take the right path and grab the dogu statue from the tree. After defeating the first boss, move up the hill until you reach a small shrine and wooden fence. Do not touch the fence. Instead, use the /easternbow emote in front of the small shrine sitting to the right of the fence, opening up the shrine’s doors for you to place the dogu figurine inside.

Location of dogu shrine in Mount Rokkon
Image via Square Enix

After continuing, the party is presented with the choice of choosing between a large rock or an ancient tree. Choose the rock and move to the final boss.

Record eleven – “Seasons of the Fleeting”

Record eleven is identical to Record ten, but select the tree when choosing between the large boulder and the ancient tree.

Record twelve – “The Osgiseru’s Fate”

Record twelve acts as the “secret” route of the bunch, requiring the party to go out of their way to unlock it. After taking the middle portal, climb the tower of crates after the first boss and pull the rope to summon the lanterns. Lure the enemies back downstairs through the newly opened path, bringing them close to the paper lanterns throughout the room.

Locations of secret lanterns in Mount Rokkon
Image via Square Enix

When defeated, these enemies make one last cone-shaped attack before disappearing. The goal is to have that attack hit the three lanterns in the room in front of the golden decorations on the walls. The best course of action is to pick off the enemies one-by-one while tanking the damage the others dish out. Once all three lanterns are lit, the fourth will light on its own and create a passage for the party to move to a new area.

When all 12 records are completed, you’ll unlock the achievement “Mononopeke,” which gives the Burabura Chochin whistle as a reward to be claimed from the Achievement menu.

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