Running in with well over 10,000 hours logged into Final Fantasy XIV, Mothsworn has done quite a bit of content in the game since Endwalker's launch. While he took his time to do MSQ he found a love in gil making with omnicrafting and the notable trade of expert crafts.





How to Make Money in FFXIV

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Island Sanctuary Vendors - Exporter & Hoarder
How to Make Gil with FFXIV Island Sanctuary Currency

When Final Fantasy XIV gave their Warriors of Light an island, they thought they'd get some good rest and relaxation. Instead, in true FFXIV player base fashion, it turned what was suppo...

What to Buy with White Crafters Scrips in FFXIV (Patch 6.5)

Flipping White Crafter Scrips into gil is an exercise that’s done frequently by players in Final Fantasy XIV. Yet, sometimes it’s difficult to figure out what to buy as currencies build up...

How to Make Gil With Desynthesis in FFXIV

The trick to making gil in Final Fantasy XIV should be focused on sustainable profit with a potential slice for more. Compared to the slew of various methods for becoming a gillionaire in the M...