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FFXIV Alliance Raid Guide: Myths of the Realm - Euphrosyne (Patch 6.3)

Four of the Twelve are down and another five await your competition!

The Twelve are the face of religion in Final Fantasy XIV. These patron deities each represent one of the twelve months and some have factored into previous storylines, like in Heavensward, with the Ishgard Orthodox Church’s focus around Halone, the Fury. When you create your character, you actually take one of their symbols as your own when you choose your birth date.

The Warrior of Light has already faced off against the first set of the Twelve in the Endwalker Alliance Raid, Aglaia. Now it’s time to head back to the Omphalos and face the next set of gods. Will they also fall beneath our blades?

Be warned that this raid guide contains minor spoilers for what happens in Euphrosyne. If you prefer to preserve the surprise of these trials for yourself, give them a try before referring to a  guide. Then, come back here if you have trouble!

How To Unlock Euphrosyne

Euphrosyne is the second of three wings for Endwalker’s 24-player Alliance Raid series and the next step of the Myths of the Realm plotline. You’ll first need to unlock the Aglaia raid and have completed it alongside all the associated questlines.

Once you’ve completed the Chronicles of a New Era quest “The Face of an Explorer,” you can pick up the next quest, “Return to the Phantom Realm,” from Deryk just outside of Mor Dhona (X: 23.9 Y: 9.1). This will kick off the quest scenario and eventually add Euphrosyne to the Duty Finder.

You need to have a Disciple of War or Magic at Level 90. You also need to have an average item level of 595 or above to even queue for the raid.

FFXIV Euphrosyne Nophica

First Boss: Nophica

Your very first fight will be against Nophica, the Matron, the goddess of abundance and harvests. She wields a scythe that will cut you down like so much wheat. You’ll fight in a circular arena with a hazard zone on the edge that’ll kill you.

  • Abundance: A party-wide AoE dealing around 30% damage for non-tank party members. Healers, heal through it.
  • Matron’s Plenty: When Nophica finishes this cast, the arena will transition to a different seasonal field. During this phase, the boss will use one of two attacks.
  • The Giving Land: The effect of this cast depends on the state of the field itself. If it’s a flowery field, the attack will be Spring Flowers, which is a wide circle AoE directly underneath the boss. The safe spot will be outside of that range. If it’s a grassy field, the AoE will be a wide donut with the safe space underneath the boss.
  • Matron’s Harvest: When Nophica finishes casting the entire raid will be hit with a moderate-hitting AoE and you’ll transition back to the standard arena.
  • Reaper’s Gale: When the boss begins to cast this, the arena will become crossed by two sets of perpendicular line AoEs. (See below.) There will be safe squares not covered by the AoEs. At the half point of the cast, a second set of AoEs will cover the safe spots. Stand in the safe regions for the first attack, and then move into the new safe spots as those pass. The second version of Reaper’s Gale includes additional circle AoEs on the ground, limiting the safe zones.

FFXIV Euphrosyne Reapers Gale

The second time Nophica casts Matron’s Plenty, she’ll follow it with Floral Haze. This will mark you with a Right Face, Left Face, Forward March, or Rearward March debuff. When the debuff ends, your character will march in the direction indicated by the debuff.

  • Matron’s Breath: When Nophica finishes casting this, she will mark two persistent circular regions on the ground, one yellow and one blue. (See below.) There will also be shrinking circles, marked with numbered spheres from one to six. These circles will count down in order and explode when circles are completely gone.

FFXIV Euphrosyne Matrons Breath

To avoid the damage from these attacks, you need to be inside the corresponding persistent region: to avoid a blue explosion, stand inside the blue region, and vice versa for the yellow region. Use the numbered spheres to determine the order of the explosions and move back and forth between the two persistent regions.

  • Landwaker: A light AoE that hits the entire raid.
  • Sowing Circle: Nophica marks the ground with four circle AoEs. These AoEs will radiate out from the boss in the cardinal directions indicated on the arrows. They’ll be followed by AoEs in the inter-cardinal directions. Dodge the first set, then the second set.
  • Furrow: One raid member will be marked with a stack marker. Everyone needs to be stacked on that member to minimize the damage.
  • Heavens’ Earth: All three tanks will be marked with wide tankbuster icons. Tanks should use their cooldowns and move away from each other and the rest of the raid.

Mini-Boss: Euphrosynos Behemoth

Prior to fighting the next boss, you’ll run into two different groups of mobs. These can be taken separately by each of the Alliance Raid groups, but they can also be collected together and burned down. The second set has a light-hitting tankbuster in addition to other attacks. Once you finish the second set of enemies, the Euphrosynos Behemoth appears

  • Localized Maelstrom: One tank will get marked with a red shared tankbuster. All of the tanks need to be stacked together, with all using their cooldowns to minimize damage.
  • Ecliptic Comet: A proximity marker will be marked on the center of the platform. Move to the edge of the platform to minimize the damage.

FFXIV Euphrosyne Althyk

Second Boss – Althyk and Nymeia

The next fight is a paired boss fight. A tank will have to pick up each of the bosses. The fight takes place in a squared arena with no edges, so you can fall off and die.

  • Spinner’s Wheel: Nymeia marks every member of the raid with a card debuff. When the debuff finishes counting down depending on the card you have. If you have the pink heart card, you need to be facing away from the Nymeia when the debuff ends. If you have the green upside down heart, you need to be facing Nymeia. If you fail to do the correct one, you’ll be stunned.
  • Time and Tide: Althyk will speed up the timing on whatever mechanic Nymeia is using. This can be combined with Spinner’s Wheel or Petrai.
  • Mythril Greataxe: Althyk swings his axe in a wide conal AoE.
  • Axioma: Althyk hits the entire raid with light AoE.

Axioma also marks the transition to the second phase of the fight. The arena will be covered with these darker purple regions that will debuff you with Magic Vulnerability Up and Heavy. The purple regions will remain for the rest of the fight.

  • Inexorable Pull: When Althyk begins to cast this, you want to move into the purple region to get the Heavy debuff. If you don’t have the debuff, you’ll be thrown in the air and take damage from the attack.
  • Petrai: A stacked tankbuster icon. The tanks need to stack up and use their tankbusters to minimize damage.

FFXIV Euphrosyne Alythyk Axioma

  • Hydroptosis: Nymeia marks some members of the raid with circular AoE markers. Spread out to minimize the damage.
  • Hydrorythmos: Nymeia casts a line AoE in the center. This AoE will split in two, pulsing outward in two opposite directions.
  • Hydrostasis: Nymeia will mark three spots on the arena with numbers circle AoEs. These AoEs will explode outward in numbered order, knocking back all raid members. You need to position yourself so that the successive knock backs do not push you off of the arena.

Mini-Boss: Euphrosynos Colossus

The three Colossi have three different overlapping AoE patterns you need to watch out for.

  • Inner Bladestorm: A circle AoE at the enemy’s position.
  • Frozen Perimeter: A donut AoE centered on the mini-boss’ position.
  • Rapid Sever: All three tanks will be marked with a single-target tankbuster. The tanks should use a cooldown to minimize damage.

FFXIV Euphrosyne Halone

Third Boss – Halone

On this frozen platform, you’ll face off against the Fury herself. This circular arena does have an OSHA-approved fence surrounding it.

Phase One

  • Rain of Spears: A party wide AoE that hits three times, but doesn’t do a ton of damage.
  • Tetrapagos: As Halone casts this attack, she will telegraph four different attack patterns — point-blank circle AoE, left-side cleave, right-side cleave, donut AoE centered on the boss — in a specific order. You need to remember this order, as she’ll do all four attacks in quick succession once the cast is finished. Any one of these hits hard. Taking more than one will probably leave you dead.

FFXIV Euphrosyne Tetrapagos

  • Doom Spear: Halone marks three regions around the map with stack markers. Each of these regions needs to have a number of raid members inside to soak the damage. They can be split up by Alliance Group, but that’s not entirely needed, it just makes it easier. Halone will jump between all three regions, slamming them with
  • Spears Three: Each of the tanks will be marked with a wide tankbuster. They should all spread out away from the raid and use their cooldowns.
  • Thousandfold Thrust: Halone moves to the center of the arena and red circles appear around her. These circles slowly focus in one direction, where Halone cleaves the arena with successive attacks that hit very hard.
  • Lochos: Halone will summon two sets of spears at the edge of the arena. These spears will eventually charge across the arena, leaving only one quadrant safe. This will later be combined with Thousandfold Thrust, making the safe areas much smaller.

FFXIV Euphrosyne Halone Lochos

  • Will of the Fury: Halone marks the outer edge of the arena with a donut AoE. This AoE will slowly move inward with successively-smaller donut AoEs. Getting hit by this will debuff you with Deep Freeze, freezing you in place. At the same time this is resolving, Halone will cast…
  • Wrath of Halone: A proximity marker on the center of the arena. The raid needs to move to the outer edge to minimize the damage, while also avoiding the Will of the Fury AoEs.
  • Ice Rondel: A standard Stack marker on one raid member. Stack up to minimize damage.

FFXIV Euphrosyne Halone Phase Two

Phase Two

Halone will divide the arena as shown above. She will summon four Glacial Spears and begin charging The Fury’s Frost. This will block off the marked regions with frost, so the raid needs to split up in order to destroy all of the spears. The spears will also attempt to defend themselves by casting Niphas, which creates a circle AoE around the spear.

  • Ice Dart: Halone marks a few raid members with AoE markers. Spread out
  • Cheimon: The center Glacial Spear will cast three line AoEs aimed at the other three spears. These AoEs will rotate around the spear in the direction of the arrows. You want to stand on the side of your section on the opposite side of the rotation, otherwise you’ll get hit when the AoEs rotate.

Halone will end this phase by casting Fury’s Aegis, which does greater damage depending on how much Fury’s Frost Halone has charged up. If the meter is at the top, it’s a potential wipe. After this attack, Halone will return to an altered Phase One where she’ll mix up her attacks.

FFXIV Euphrosyne Menphina

Final Boss – Menphina

In this palace of ice, you’ll face your final foe, Menphina. The Goddess of Love also commands ice itself. The fight will take place in a circular arena that does have a hazard zone that will kill you.

Phase One – Menphina Alone

  • Blue Moon: A raid-wide AoE. Heal through it. It also creates the hazard zone on the first cast.
  • Love’s Light: This action is a phase transition mechanic with two forms…
  • Full Bright (Large Edge): The first version of this attack forms a giant moon at the edge of the arena. The moon will slowly wax, becoming brighter. Once it is fully bright, it’ll fire a larger line AoE though the center of the arena.
  • Full Bright (Four Moons): The second version of this attack summons four moons around the arena. Each moon will slowly wax. Once a moon is fully waxed, the area around the moon will explode in a wide AoE. Take a look at the moon phase to determine the order of the explosions.

FFXIV Euphrosyne Menphina Full Bright

  • Midnight Frost: Menphina cleaves the arena directly behind herself.
  • Lunar Kiss: The boss marks all three tanks with Flare markers. Each tank needs to spread out and use their cooldowns, taking care to not have any other raid members’ in the attack’s path.
  • Silver Mirror: A successive series of circle AoE following a few raid members. This will be followed with…
  • Moonset: Mephina marks three regions around the arena with wider circle AoEs. She will then slam down into these three areas in quick succession.
  • Winter Halo: Menphina freezes the area around her in a donut AoE, with the safe space being within her hitbox.
  • Selenain Mysteria: Menphina summons four Ceremonial Pillars around the room and begins charging The Lover’s Power. The Pillars have to be destroyed before the Lover’s Power reaches 100. While this is happening, ice crystals will fire cone AoEs in various directions. Once the pillars are down, Menphina will hit the entire raid with Rise of the Twin Moons and summon her hound, Dalamud.

FFXIV Euphrosyne Menphina

Phase Two – Together With Dalamud

A number of Phase One attacks are slightly different with the inclusion of the hound. You are still attacking Menphina directly.

  • Midnight Frost: Menphina cleaves the arena directly behind herself. At the same time, the hound will raise one of its paws for Waxing Claw. The glowing, raised paw indicates which side of the arena it will cleave.
  • Playful Orbit: This will separate Menphina and her hound. Both will still use Midnight Frost and Waxing Claw, but the former attack may hit Menphina’s front side, instead of her rear. Pay attention to the frost on the ground around her! Later, these both can be combined with Full Bright.
  • Cratering Chill: The boss will mark the arena with two proximity markers. Move as far away as you can to minimize damage. Afterwards, the floor will be frozen, causing you to slide when you move. Menphina will use Winter’s Halo while the hound uses Waxing Claw and you have to slide your way to the safe area.
  • Moonset Rays: A standard stark marker. Stack up to avoid damage.

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