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How to Get the Chrysomallos Mount in FFXIV

This golden sheep — or ram if you want to be specific — is the ride of your dreams.

Final Fantasy XIV is never one to leave all you mount hunters hungry. With Patch 6.3, there a whole host of new mounts to pick up, whether that’s the Phaethon or Magitek Avenger G1. If you’ve notice a few players riding a golden sheep since the launch of the patch, we can tell you all about get to get one of your very own. And it’s actually a ram.

The name of the mount is the Chrysomallos, which translates to “Golden Fleece” in Greek. Yes, the Golden Fleece from the tale of Jason and the Argonauts. That’s all in keeping with the Greek themes and naming conventions of Endwalker‘s raids: Pandaemonium, Aglaia, Abyssos, and Euphrosyne.

This gilded ram is actually another version of an older mount, the Albino Karakul. That mount is still available if you want to pick it up as well. It costs only 8,400 Skybuilder’s Scrip from Enie in The Firmament (X: 12.0, Y: 14.0). We’ll admit that it’s far, far easier to pick up the non-golden version compared to the Chrysomallos.

FFXIV Chrysomallos Mount Vendor


How To Unlock the Chrysomallos in FFXIV

You can unlock the Chrysomallos by being rich. Yeah, it’s literally that simple. There’s no achievements to finish, no Tribal quests to complete, nor any Treasure Dungeons to tackle in order to grab one. Instead, it’s all about your fiscal prowess.

The Magitek Avengers G1 is available once you get the Chrysomallos Horn. This item is available from the vendor Edelina in Mor Dhona (X: 22.1, Y: 4.8). Talk to Edelina and you’ll see three items available for exorbitant prices. The Chrysomallos Horn will cost you 50 million gil. Yes, 50,000,000 gil. You’ll also find the Magitek Avenger G1 mount at this vendor for the same price.

That’s a high tier for high rollers. You have to have money to burn in order to have 50 million gil to spend on a mount. Or you want to simply grind your way toward that high bar, starting now.

How To Make Gil in FFXIV

If you’re ready to start your Chrysomallos journey, we already have a few guides to help you on your way!

First, there’s our guide full of gil farming tips and tricks. The guide is based heavily around farming via Disciples of the Land and Hand, but it also incorporates a mix of crafting, gathering, and combat tips. That said, it also has details on FATEs, Hunts, and more!

Second, we have a pair of guides that’ll help you to make money on some items you might already have lying around! The first guide will help you grind out some gil using the Grand Company Seals you may have forgotten about. The second does something similar using the Tomestones of Poetics that are sitting at the bottom of your infinite bag of currency.

If you follow all three guides, you’ll be several steps closer to getting you own Chrysomallos. Just don’t expect to have it done by next week.

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