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FFXIV 6.2 MSQ — How to Get Back to Troia Keep After Leaving

No Aetherytes. What's the Warrior of Light to do?

Final Fantasy XIV‘s Patch 6.2 takes players to The Void, the remnants of the Thirteenth shard, in search of Vrtra’s long-lost sister, Azdaja. Upon setting foot into the Thirteenth, players first clear The Fell Court of Troia, the latest MSQ dungeon. After defeating the Voidsent, players are free to wander around the gothic castle — but an important question arises: If you leave the area, how do you get back? Read on below to find out how to pick up where you left off.

How to Get Back to Troia Keep From the Source

The game tells you there won’t be Aetherytes for awhile, so if you go back to The Source (or anywhere outside the Void) for whatever reason, you’ll need to trek through the way you came; through Weaver’s Warding. This is where you first entered Troia as shown in the story, but it can be accessed anytime by talking to the NPC named Veteran Radiant, right next to the Alzadaal’s Legacy dungeon’s entrance.

If you’re navigating from the map or looking to use Teleport, the selection is Ilsabard -> Thavnair – either the Yedilhmad or The Great Work Aetherytes work as they’re equidistant. The NPC and entrance to Alzadaal’s Legacy is located in Thavnair (X: 16.0, Y: 33.6), the lower southwest corner in Saltwind’s Welcome.

Location of NPC who takes you to Alzadaal’s Legacy and Weaver’s Warding.

Once you’re in Weaver’s Warding, make sure to interact with the second glowing icon  named Passage to Troia Keep, which behind the dungeon entrance icon. If you already completed The Fell Court of Troia dungeon, you can go straight back to Troia and the Thirteenth. You’ll need to trek your way to wherever your next objective is to pick up where you left off.

The Fell Court of Troia requires any level 90 job and an Item Level of 575 – it’s an MSQ dungeon so you’ll need to have progressed through the post Endwalker quests to get to it. You can choose to run it, per usual, via duty roulette or with NPCs through the Trust / Duty Support system. The Fell Court of Troia features some unique mechanics, like a boss that requires AoE attacks, another boss that has many gaze attacks in various patterns, and Final Fantasy IV‘s Scarmiglione as the main boss. You can check out our guide for The Fell Court of Troia for more information.

Fanbyte / The Linkshell also has guides for Patch 6.2’s new eight-player trial called Storm’s Crown, all four instances of the new Abyssos raids, and of course — Island Sanctuary. Island Sanctuary is a new feature where players get to grow crops, raise animals, and construct buildings on their own private getaways — courtesy of the ever-enterprising Tataru. To unlock, players can head to Old Sharlayan and accept the quest, “Seeking Sanctuary” from The Clueless Crier NPC.

When on the island, players will be given a series of quests that guide them through all the modes in the island, as well as what they can do. For more information you can check out Fanbyte’s full guides for unlocking the Island Sanctuary and everything you need to know about Island Sanctuary.

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