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The Cabal Go Full 'Operation British' in Destiny 2's Season of the Worthy

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The Last City on Earth is once again under direct threat from the remnants of the Red Legion in Destiny 2‘s rapidly approaching “Season of the Worthy,” which kicks off next Tuesday, March 10. As revealed today in a new story trailer (below), the last flailing vestige of Dominus Ghaul’s army plans to crash the burnt-out husk of the Allmighty straight into the Last City, Mobile Suit Gundam style, and stopping it means returning the Warmind AI Rasputin to his former glory.

If you’ll recall, the Allmighty was the Red Legion’s super-weapon dreadnought spaceship, which devoured nearby planets to power a laser capable of causing a star to go supernova. (A literal “star destroyer,” if you will, though I’m sure Bungie had its reasons for not calling it that.) You may also recall that Guardians exploded the ever-loving shit out of it, or at least the important parts that make it function, but since then we’ve seen hide nor hair of the gigantic craft.

I’d always assumed it had been decommissioned and stripped for parts by the Tower’s leadership, but apparently not? Apparently we left one of the most dangerous weapons in the galaxy (that also happens to be the largest ship in the galaxy) just kinda, floating there? Out in space? Just in case the Red Legion wanted to do this exact thing, I guess?

Really dropped the ball here, Zavala! Anyway, in order to stop the Allmighty from obliterating what little life there is left on Earth, Guardians will have to renovate Rasputin’s defense network by participating in “Seraph Tower” public events, while also hunting down bounty targets in “bunkers” across the system. It sure sounds like Rasputin has just been chillin’ in his geometric brain palace on Mars since the events of his expansion, and again, I kinda assumed he’d been using all this time to overhaul his network of reconnaissance satellites and orbital x-ray cannons, but I guess not? I guess he’s just been talking to Ana Bray about New Girl or something?

Speaking of Ana Bray, it looks like she’ll be part of the story again for the first time since Warmind, which is great news for people who are married to her like I am.

Along with all this new story stuff, Season of the Worthy also brings back Destiny 1‘s Trials of Osiris PvP activity, along with new Exotic weapons, new armor sets, and a new Season Pass for earning upgrade shards, crafting materials, and unique emotes, along with weapon/armor ornaments and vehicles. We’ll also be replacing our creepy Vex eyeball with a new Seasonal Artifact: the Warmind Kahnjali. The website describes the sword as a “sacred blade,” but I’m a little confused about how we end up with a sacred anything from a demonstrably non-religious supercomputer AI defense network. Guess I’ll have to shoot a bunch of aliens to find out!

As with the previous two Destiny 2 seasons, Season of the Worthy will also introduce its own unique category of armor mods that use some new mechanic to function, though the details of that mechanic have yet to be divulged. The good news is that Bungie has previous said it will revamp older Seasonal armor sets to be compatible with the new mods, so people who put tons of work into Masterworking their gear won’t have to abandon all that effort to stay raid ready.

I maxed out Season of the Undying’s Season Pass, but fell off Season of Dawn once I realized that after we saved Saint 14, the rest of the season was going to be demonstrably meaningless from a story perspective. The Season Pass had too many duplicates for me to want to put the effort in for weapons, and the armor sets for Warlocks were straight-up hideous this season, so no motivation there either. I’m hopeful that Season of the Worthy will reignite my waning passion for Destiny 2 (especially since I paid for the whole year in advance like a jackass), but in order for that to happen, Bungie is going to have to deliver goods more compelling than “fill up this bar as a community for no real benefit beyond shardable blues and purples.”

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