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'Good Job' Review: A Jorb Well Done

Games that play with physics are often much funnier than games that have actual written jokes. I don’t mean to downplay character-driven, witty writing in games, but the fact of the matter is that...

In Netflix's Castlevania, Vampires Are Scary Because They're Smart

What makes a vampire scary? Is it that they’re immortal? Is it that they can shapeshift, physically overpower you, and drain your blood with their teeth? Is it that their undead nature might be tied t...

My Hero Academia and the Problem of the Supercop

Izuku Midoriya is a classically “good” protagonist. The main character of My Hero Academia is characterized by an earnest desire to help as many people as possible and an unshakeable ambition t...

The Music of the Great British Baking Show is Perfect

There are a lot of reasons why The Great British Baking Show is one of the most beloved cooking competition shows ever to hit television. Pretty much every contestant is adorably likable, the s...

BAKI is "Guys Being Dudes": The Anime

Editor’s Note: This piece was written collaboratively by Eric McAdams and Thomas Loughney.