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Champion Changes Coming to Destiny 2 in Lightfall

One of the most irritating aspects of endgame Destiny 2 content is Champions. These enemies have powerful abilities (teleportation, impenetrable barriers, etc.) that can only be shut down by specific mods. Each season, these mods are tied to different weapon types. Between that and the Match Game modifier, which essentially forces certain damage types, Grandmaster Nightfalls can be a pain to build a loadout for. Well, no more — big changes are coming to how Champions work in Destiny 2.

When Lightfall releases, players will have more options to deal with Champions. First, the Artifact Mod system is being changed to a set of unlockable passive perks that are active all season. But beyond that, Guardians will be able to stun champions without using anti-Champion mods at all.

Some of the existing subclass powers will now be effective at countering specific Champions. For instance, Volatile rounds on Void subclasses will be able to pierce Barrier Champions’ shields. Here’s the full list of which abilities will be able to stun which Champions:

  • Barrier Champions: Volatile Rounds (Void), damage while Radiant (Solar), unknown method (Strand)
  • Overload Champions: Jolt (Arc), Suppression (Void), Slow (Stasis)
  • Unstoppable Champions: Blind (Arc), Shatter (Stasis), Ignition (Solar), unknown method (Strand)

Giving players inherent ways of dealing with Champions without needing to use mods is a fantastic change to Destiny 2 endgame content. It arguably also continues the trend of abilities outstripping weapons, but the alterations to the mod system might curb some of the excesses of the 3.0 subclasses. Regardless, it seems like Bungie is putting a lot of thought into ways to give players more flexibility in Destiny 2‘s more difficult activities, which have traditionally required very specific loadouts.

What do you think of these changes? Are you excited to take on Champions in a whole new way? Let us know in the comments below.

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