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Bungie Will Never Add This Kind of Mission to Destiny 2

One of Destiny 2‘s biggest narrative issues is its insistence on making the player’s Guardian central to everything that happens in the game. While that can work perfectly fine in a single-player game, in a massively-multiplayer title it can get kind of confusing and awkward. So what if, when a future season of Destiny 2 launched, we got a little side mission? Instead of playing as our Guardians, with all of our loot and powers, we could play as a simple, ordinary member of one of the game’s alien factions.

There’s precedent for this in other live service games. In Warframe, for example, there are missions where players briefly take on the role of a Grineer soldier. These missions present a radically different experience from the core gameplay, restricting player loadouts and abilities and providing a new perspective on the game’s world. While Destiny 2‘s engine likely couldn’t support this sort of mission, we can dream, can’t we?

Imagine a horror-themed Destiny 2 mission where a team of Eliksni are prowling through a derelict ship in space, being stalked by a lone Guardian who, no matter how many times they kill it, won’t die? You could rig traps to explode and kill the Guardian, slowing it down while you accomplish your goals. Actually, that sounds like a pretty great asymmetrical multiplayer spinoff in itself…

Or how about a Halo: Reach style experience where a squad of Cabal soldiers desperately tries to defend a location while more and more Guardians spawn in, finally overwhelming them? The Cabal would be perfect for this kind of thing, fighting bravely to the last soldier against their inevitable defeat.

Or maybe Destiny 2 could even have you briefly playing as a Hive warrior, beginning as a humble Thrall and earning more and more power as you overcome your foes, finally facing a Guardian in single combat. The possibilities are endless.

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