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Destiny 2 Players Really Don't Like Reveler's Tonic in PVP

The Revelry's new cooldown-lessening buff is being felt big-time in Crucible.

The first-ever Destiny 2 spring event, The Revelry, went live this week. And it brought a return to the Infinite Forest, plus pretty decorations all over the Tower. But The Revelry hasn’t been all sunshine and rainbows in the Destiny 2 community! It also introduced a new buff called Reveler’s Tonic, which reduces ability cooldowns — while increasing a lot of players’ frustration.

Reveler’s Tonic lets you add an hour-long “Good Mood” buff to your grenade, melee, or class ability, making each skill almost perpetually available. It’s really fun for the Verdant Forest (The Revelry’s new version of the content originally found in the Curse of Osiris DLC). But the Destiny 2 buff is proving problematic in PVP.

The Community Responds to Reveler’s Tonic – Destiny 2

Yesterday, multiple posts popped up on the DestinyTheGame Reddit page to complain about the item, which works across every game mode. That includes the competitive Crucible playlist. And it has, unsurprisingly,  turned the ranked ladder into a bit of a mess, where players have near-instant recharge on grenade and melee abilities.

Please, for the love of god, remove the revelry buff from Comp. from DestinyTheGame

What’s worse is that Reveler’s Tonic combines with the super fast recharge of certain Exotic armor. That makes both items even more formidable. For example, there’s Shinobu’s Vow, Hunter gauntlets which add a second charge to Skip Grenades and improve its tracking. This basically means a never-ending supply of homing grenades, which… kind of breaks competitive Destiny 2.

One Reddit user even said they’re on the verge of quitting Crucible altogether.

“Removing Trials, the (improved but still awful) state of comp in general, this revelry buff in comp — I am one more de-evolution from finding a different PvP game to play,” Reddit user Blunned said. “While The Revelry is only ‘temporary,’ you are doing lasting harm to an already damaged perception of your PvP goals/ideals.”

Tonics shouldn’t work in PvP from DestinyTheGame

The Future of Reveler’s Tonic – Destiny 2

The anger is understandable. The Revelry is mostly meant to be a PVE-only Destiny 2 event. The Verdant Forest and its corresponding new armor sets are the main draw. This makes it an interesting and questionable decision by Bungie to allow Reveler’s Tonic to work across all PVP modes.

“A refreshing, fizzy concoction brewed with love and Light in recognition of this year’s Revelry,” reads the Reveler’s Tonic description. “Even the tiniest swig is guaranteed to put you in a good mood.”

The mood might improve for the player flinging grenades around the map, but the enemy team trying to enjoy a normal Crucible match won’t be so impressed.

Bungie community manager Cozmo23 responded to the Reveler’s Tonic situation in one of the Reddit threads. And it’s not great news for those who hate Reveler’s Tonic. Looks like we need to wait for the weekly reset on May 7 before things go back to normal:

That being said, Bungie did disable Revelry Orbs in Gambit, Gambit Prime, Raids — and, yes, competitive Crucible. Revelry Orbs function much like regular Orbs of Light in Destiny 2; they reduce your Super cooldown. The difference is that they have a chance to drop whenever you get a precision kill. That meant, on top of the super fast grenade recharge, most players also got Super back much faster. That’s no longer an issue for PVP players, at least.

Hold tight, Crucible fans! The next few weeks will be a bit rough if you’re looking to enjoy Competitive Destiny 2. In the meantime, maybe just go out and enjoy the Verdant Forest while it lasts? Or take the Reveler’s Tonic into a Nightfall Strike to get the most out of your holiday buff. Spring only comes around in Destiny 2 once a year, after all.

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