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Bungie Reveals New Ritual Weapons Coming to Destiny 2 Season 22

In the latest Developer Insights blog, Bungie revealed new and returning weapons for the ritual playlists in Season 22 alongside an update on ritual rewards.

New Season 22 ritual weapons

Here are the new weapons coming to Destiny 2 in Season 22 and their respective playlists:

  • Unending Tempest: A submachine gun with Stasis energy that will drop from Crucible matches.
  • Luna Regolith III: A Solar sniper rifle that players can get from Vanguard strikes.
  • Qua Xaphan V: This is a Void machine gun that will be dropping from Gambit.
  • Pre Astyanax IV: Players can obtain this Solar Precision Frame bow from Nightfall strikes.
  • The Guiding Sight: This is a Kinetic weapon coming back as a Strand scout rifle in Iron Banner.
  • Cataphract GL3: This Strand heavy grenade launcher will arrive in the Trials of Osiris.

Returning weapons

Familiar weapons will return from the Destiny Content Vault in Season 22 with their respective playlists, too. First up is Warden’s Law, a Kinetic hand cannon that once dropped from the Warden of Nothing Nightfall strike is returning to the Nightfall playlist. Its unique Double Fire intrinsic trait is also returning but instead of being exclusive to the weapon, Bungie has announced that the two-round burst will now be part of a brand-new archetype of heavy burst hand cannons.

Point of the Stag, an Arc Precision Frame bow, comes back to the Iron Banner playlist. While the old Point of the Stag is still obtainable from the Monument to Lost Lights kiosk, it only has two sets of interchangeable traits, which is usually the case for ritual weapons. The new Point of the Stag will have a revamped perk pool to bring it in line with bows in the Lightfall era of Destiny 2. Also, Igneous Hammer, a Solar Aggressive Frame hand cannon, returns to the Trials of Osiris playlist with a refreshed perk pool. Igneous Hammer was a fan-favorite hand cannon, and remains one of the best 120 RPM hand cannons.

Update on ritual rewards

Alongside the weapons coming to Season 22, Bungie also revealed some changes to ritual rewards and how post-activity rewards will be handed out going forward.

“Through examination of player feedback, we know the cadence of drops for recently added weapons in these activities is sometimes inconsistent,” Bungie said. Starting in Season 22, players will earn playlist engrams from activity completions within the ritual playlists.

Moreover, the new weapons coming to ritual playlists will be focusable instantly as opposed to being focusable the following season. In this blog past, the developer also shared its plan to increase Ascendant material and Enhancement Prism capacity.

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