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Season of the Wish Brings Mara Sov Back in Destiny 2

A teaser for Season of the Wish revealed that our beloved Awoken queen Mara Sov will return in the upcoming story.

Bungie released a teaser trailer for Season of the Wish, revealing that our beloved Awoken queen, Mara Sov, will once again take center-stage in Destiny 2's story. Season of the Wish deals with the Ahamkara egg and the clue we found about the 15th Wish at the end of the current seasonal storyline. The teaser is incredibly short, but it does confirm that alongside Mara Sov plays a key role and that the story will take us to the Dreaming City — which is still under corruption since Destiny 2: Forsaken.  

In the teaser, Mara Sov says, "All wishes come at a cost," and quietly laughs. Riven's death in the Last Wish raid placed the Dreaming City in a three-week looping Taken curse, so a wish from the new Ahamkara dragon may have Guardians — or even Mara Sov — pay a hefty cost. She has helped the Guardian in seasonal story beats before. Season of the Lost had us deal with the Astral ley lines in the Dreaming City to stop Xivu Arath's influence, and free Osiris from Savathun's crystal cocoon. Also, in Season of Defiance, Mara Sov opened paths to the Ascendant Plane to rescue captives from the Taken and Shadow Legion enemies. 

In last week's TWID news post, Bungie said that the 15th Wish is "a means to enter the portal the Witness made into the Traveler." Season of the Wish is the final season of Destiny 2, with Bungie replacing them with episodes after The Final Shape expansion launches next year. 

Season of the Wish starts on November 28, the same day Season of the Witch officially ends. We have a guide on everything you should do before Season of the Witch ends, and while you can still jump into these activities next season, you may want to rush your season pass for the universal ornaments. 

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