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Destiny 2 Taipan-4FR Guide - God Roll & How to Get It

Avast Guardians, Season of Plunder is here! This space pirate-themed Destiny 2 season is all about crossing blades with Fallen House of Salvation, hunting for buried treasure, and working with everyone’s favorite scoundrel, the Drifter. Of course, there is a bunch of new loot to chase and activities to complete. However, Bungie is also offering a painless way to earn a superb craftable weapon called the Taipan-4FR which has a terrific god roll. So if you’re looking for a solid, endgame viable weapon here’s how to get the Taipan-4FR and what perks you should spend your hard-earned crafting materials on.

How to Get the Taipan-4FR

There are two ways to earn the Taipan-4FR, with the first being to complete the Foundry Shaping quest. You can only gain access to this quest by finishing the Foundry Resonance quest found in The Enclave. After completing this quest and crafting an Ammit AR2, you’ll unlock a quest called Foundry Shaping which will give you both Deepsight versions of the Taipan-4FR that you’ll need to craft. This is the fastest method for gaining access to the craftable version of this weapon. On the other hand, if you don’t want to do this quest you can always grind Dares of Eternity and hope either one drops at the end of the activity or it’s given out when you open up the weapon chest in Xur’s Treasure Hoard.

Taipan-4FR God Rolls

Taipan-4FR PVE God Roll

  • Arrowhead Brake
  • Enhanced Battery or Accelerated Coils
  • Triple Tap
  • Firing Line

When it comes to the PVE version of this gun, we are going for a very specific roll that excels in killing bosses or Champions. In the barrel slot, I recommend Arrowhead Brake. Not only will this make the gun’s recoil far easier to control, but the handling stat bump is terrific for cycling to this weapon during a boss damage phase. As for the magazine, you can go with either Accelerated Coils or Enhanced Battery. The former will reduce your damage a bit for a fire rate increase while the latter gives you an additional round. Given this round will trigger Triple Tap a second time, I personally recommend Enhanced Battery.

For primary perks, you cannot go wrong with the combination of Triple Tap and Firing Line. These perks are a wombo combo, allowing the user to do a considerable amount of damage in just a short time. If you plan on using this in any endgame content I highly recommend this roll. Alternatively, Frenzy is a great option for solo players since you cannot trigger Firing Line by yourself.

Taipan-4FR PVP God Roll

  • Corkscrew Rifling
  • Accelerated Coils
  • Fragile Focus
  • Snapshot or Opening Shot

I’m going to level with you, there are better options if you want a PVP linear-fusion rifle. The Taipan-4fr’s perk pool isn’t great for the Crucible, but you can get by with this perk combination. Corkscrew Rifling is our barrel perk, mainly because it gives us both a range and stability boost without any other stat penalty. In the magazine slot, I am going with Accelerated Coils to speed up the charge time. This will let us take down enemies faster, which is critical given the sheer mobility all of the classes possess now.

When it comes to primary perks, Fragile Focus is probably the best option here. The other perks are designed more for PVE and Fragile Focus can give us a nice, temporary range boost when we take damage. This can be quite useful for taking down enemies from afar or ones poking at you with scout rifles. Snapshot is our second perk, which just ensures we can quickly acquire our targets and kill them. Given this weapon has a brief charge-up time before firing, you’ll want to ensure that you’re aiming at the enemy first.

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