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Destiny 1 Exotic Weapons That Should Make a Return in Destiny 2

Touch of Malice, Icebreaker, and more

Destiny 2 Season of the Haunted saw the return of Trespasser, an original Destiny Exotic. But there are still plenty more Exotics from the first game that Bungie could bring back to Destiny 2. Sure, some of the weapons have essentially been made obsolete by newer gear, but here are some Exotics that would be neat to see make a return.

Destiny Necrochasm

Necrochasm — One of the Weapons of Sorrow (like Thorn), Necrochasm is an auto rifle with the Exotic perk “Cursebringer,” which creates Cursed Thrall explosions on kills with it. In Destiny 1, you had to upgrade a random drop weapon a couple of times, eventually requiring a completion of the Crota’s End Raid to get Necrochasm, but I could see it being simply the Exotic drop for the raid if and when it returns. Otherwise, a good fit for a future Hive-focused season.

Destiny 1 Exotic Weapon Khvostov

Khvostov — An Exotic version of one of the most basic auto rifles in Destiny 1, the Khvostov was a super-customizable weapon with tons of adjustable perks. The white version of the weapon has made its way into Destiny 2, and this is such a beloved meme gun that I have to assume it’ll return at some point.

Destiny 1 Exotic Weapon Touch of Malice

Touch of Malice — The original “gun in a bag,” Touch of Malice was tied to the King’s Fall Raid in Destiny 1. It’s a scout rifle whose last round regenerates and does extra damage at the cost of your health, and while we have some weapons that play around with self-damage in Destiny 2 (e.g. Tommy’s Matchbook), Touch of Malice is so iconic that a lot of people would be very happy to see it return. Plus, Witch Queen had a little hint about Oryx returning, which could easily be interpreted to mean that the King’s Fall Raid will be coming back in season 18.

Destiny Tlaloc

Tlaloc — Back in Destiny 1, there were class-specific Exotic weapons. Hunters got Ace of Spades, which has long-since returned to Destiny 2 as an all-class weapon, while Titans got the Fabian Strategy and Warlocks got Tlaloc. The latter had a perk that buffed its rate of fire, handling, and stability while your super was charged — a little less appealing now that Warlocks don’t have Radiance to hold onto, but it could easily be tweaked a bit to work in the Destiny 2 sandbox. Mechanics that encourage players to hold onto their abilities rather than immediately use them are always interesting, anyway.

Destiny 1 Exotic Weapon Dreg's Promise

Dreg’s Promise — A Fallen-themed sidearm, Dreg’s Promise fires ricocheting shock rounds with enhanced target acquisition. Its lunch may have been snacked on a little by this season’s returning Trespasser, but weapons of alien design are fun and this could easily be retooled to stand out among the game’s existing Exotic sidearms.

Destiny Ice Breaker

Ice Breaker — This is kind of a weird one. Ice Breaker can’t be reloaded, but instead slowly regenerates ammo over time. It also detonates targets, which is neat. Bungie really doesn’t like anything that breaks the ammo economy of Destiny 2, but Ice Breaker could easily just regenerate ammo from reserves instead of from thin air, similar to the Whisper of the Worm rework. Plus it just looks cool as hell.

Destiny 1 Exotic Weapon No Land Beyond

No Land Beyond — It’s a primary, bolt-action sniper rifle. Is it Destiny‘s worst Exotic ever? Absolutely. Does it need to be in Destiny 2? Absolutely. I want to see people solo Raid bosses with this thing, because you know they’ll find a way to.

What Destiny 1 weapons would you like to see make a return in Destiny 2? Let me know in the comments.

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