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Brya’s Love is the Swiss Army Knife of Scout Rifles

If there is one weapon to hunt down from the Destiny 2 seasonal offerings, it's Brya’s Love.

Brya’s Love is the latest Legendary Void scout rifle to be added to Destiny 2 and it’s coming in swinging. Within its 180 RPM Precision Frame subfamily, the only other competition it has is Doom of Chelchis which is acquired from the King’s Fall raid. Thankfully, Brya’s perk pool allows it to trade blows with Chelchis and provides an excellent sidegrade without having to ever step into a raid.

This article is part of a weekly series of deep dive weapon breakdowns from Stardust, one of the people behind Clarity - D2 Research, a Destiny 2 project which provides highly trusted explanations of perks, mods, and more for websites like Destiny Item Manager (DIM), Light.gg, Foundry, and more!

How to Get Brya’s Love in Destiny 2

The best way to get Brya’s Love is by simply participating in the seasonal activities. So if you want to get it crafted quickly, get your Witch’s Keys ready and jump right into Altars of Summoning or Savathun’s Spire. Completing either of these activities will reward you with seasonal weapons which will have a chance to come with Deepsight Resonance.

If you’re up for the challenge and want to speed up the process, the Empowered Rewards Minor Arcana at the Lectern of Divination will allow you to get a guaranteed Deepsight Resonant weapon when opening the Witch’s Chest at the end of a Legend difficulty Savathun’s Spire.

For a more passive method of grinding for your seasonal weapons, you just have to complete activities across the system which will provide you with a steady stream of Witch’s Engrams that you’ll be able to focus into weapons at the Ritual Table.

Brya’s Love, Deepsight

Why you don’t want to miss out on Brya’s Love

As I’ve alluded to before, it’s the perk pool that carries Brya’s Love to the top. Its 3rd column is filled with competitive options and ALL of them have a use case on the weapon. Likewise, the 4th column is also packed with excellent perks but I’m getting ahead of myself here.

Long story short, you could reasonably choose a dozen different rolls on this weapon and all of them would make perfect sense for their use case. But for the sake of this article, I’ll be focusing on a couple of the most competitive rolls alongside leaving you some guidance if you wish to explore the weapon further.

But before we get into the good, we have to get the bad out of the way first. Its origin trait, Head Rush, is a contender for the worst one to ever make its way into the game. Having to stay crouched for more than 2 seconds for some truly abysmal stat bumps is just not worth it in any capacity so I wouldn’t even think about it personally.

Bryas Love Sights Destiny 2.png
Brya’s Love's Sights

Good news, however! This is really the only downside of the weapon — if you can even call it that. It’s all uphill from here! I will still note that its sights are a bit bulky and slightly too busy for my liking, but it would be unfair to dock points from it for that reason. It’s a truly excellent weapon and aesthetics are ultimately subjective. And while the sights are personally not for me, the performance is more than good enough to make up for it. With that said, let’s finally get into the rolls starting from my personal favorite for PVE.

Bryas Love Low to Mid God Roll.png
Image courtesy of D2Foundry.gg

Low to mid-level PVE God Roll

I’m kicking the roll recommendations off with a roll that focuses on fun above all else while remaining a viable option within its niche. It’s not the strongest option on the gun by any means but who doesn’t like explosions? I certainly do! Here are the recommended perks:

  • Arrowhead Brake or Fluted Barrel
  • Tactical Mag
  • Loose Change or Rapid Hit
  • Destabilizing Rounds
  • Range or Reload Speed Masterwork (Enhanced Intrinsic)

Note: Loose Change will generally be the worse option if you can reliably hit crits for Rapid Hit but it’s still a fun perk especially if you can spread debuffs through other means. Just a shame it doesn’t work with the Void Weaken debuff, that’s probably the biggest downside of it currently.

destiny 2 bryas love endgame god roll.png
Image courtesy of D2Foundry.gg

Endgame PVE God Utility Roll

As you probably know by now, Legendary primary weapons in endgame activities have largely taken a backseat for quite some time now with certain Exotic armor pieces providing convenient access to ammo bricks pretty much on-demand. For that reason, I like to use my primary to help make that experience smoother. And what better way to do that than to simply gain the ability to pick up ammo remotely? Here’s my roll for that purpose:

  • Arrowhead Brake or Smallbore
  • Flared Magwell
  • Shoot to Loot
  • Explosive Payload
  • Reload Speed Masterwork (Enhanced Intrinsic)

One important thing people tend to forget is that Explosive Payload in PVE is actually a really solid passive damage perk. If you’re hitting bodyshots, it’s a free 15% extra damage! And on 180 RPM scout rifles (like Brya’s Love) it also increases crit damage by ~9.4%.

And that’s with ignoring the utility of the explosion being able to collect Orbs of Power and ammo bricks when paired with Shoot to Loot. (This is especially notable for controller players since it’s pretty hard to use Shoot to Loot without Explosive Payload since Aim Assist is not helping you hit the bricks/Orbs)

Utility aside, you definitely want to invest all your stat points into Reload Speed since you don’t have any perks helping it beyond the gun’s base stats. (Unless you factor in Head Rush but I think we covered how little I care for that origin trait)

destiny 2 bryas love tinker roll.png
Image courtesy of D2Foundry.gg

Generalist PVP God Roll

I’m not going to reinvent the wheel here; we’re choosing the old reliable options as these have the highest chance of performing well for everyone. But if you’re a bit more adventurous and want to experiment, I’ll have you covered as well. Here’s the baseline roll we’ll be building on:

  • Fluted Barrel or Arrowhead Brake
  • Steady Rounds (or Accurized Rounds)
  • No Distractions or Keep Away (or Perpetual Motion)
  • Explosive Payload
  • Handling Masterwork (Enhanced Intrinsic)

Explosive Payload is a no-brainer since it makes your opponents take extra flinch with each shot — making returning fire much more difficult. But in the 3rd column, I really believe that No Distractions deserves more love from the community.

35% less incoming flinch just for aiming down sights for a second? I’d be crazy to not take that deal when I’m using the weapon type that was made for laning in the first place. But if you want to move around more and avoid tunnel-visioning, Keep Away or Perpetual Motion are still solid options.

Tinker with other PVP options

And now for the experimentation! In the 3rd column, I strongly recommend giving Perfect Float a shot to any higher-skill player. Ever since its recent buff, it’s absolutely a top contender. The same 35% flinch resist as No Distractions on top of 30 Airborne Effectiveness just for plinking away at targets for a bit is nothing short of amazing. And it lasts for 10 (12 enhanced) seconds!

And in the 4th column, we still have Adagio and Golden Tricorn left. Both of these allow you to down enemy players in just three shots instead of the normal four after snagging a kill. Adagio has the advantage of only needing 2 of those shots to be crits but comes at the cost of a slightly slower RPM which makes me lean more toward Golden Tricorn.

And finally, as a reward for reaching the end of this article, here’s the secret to messing with your fireteam in 6v6 PVP: run Shoot to Loot with Explosive Payload and vacuum up all the special ammo from your teammates! It’s great fun until they catch on. And when they do catch on, watch out for the shoulder charges.

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Stardust is one of the people behind Clarity - D2 Research, a Destiny 2 project which provides highly trusted explanations of perks, mods, and more for websites like Destiny Item Manager (DIM), Light.gg, Foundry, and more!