This Week in Destiny 2: Events, Updates, Ascendant Challenge – July 4, 2019

I want to begin my rundown of this week in Destiny 2 with a story.

One of the requirements for the new Lumina Exotic Quest requires that you complete a Nightfall, an activity I’m not good enough to solo. So, the other night I hopped on LFG and sought out a few players who could help me out. One of them had a mic, and though my usual policy is to mute strangers, I figured being able to communicate might be an asset. So I started talking with this very English man. He was a good player, but didn’t take things too seriously.

We actually stuck around after we finished the Nightfall and the other player left to run a few other activities. Throughout, he referred to me as “dogs” (my username is dogsofaffection, which is a whole other story). When he had to go, he cheerily proclaimed, “best of luck on your quest, dogs!” I was smiling for the rest of the evening.

I’ve come to associate online play with strangers with harassment — for not being good enough, for being a woman, whatever. But my encounter that night reminded me that games like Destiny 2 can be sites for genuine human contact, too. Like chatting with a stranger on a train or playing a pickup game of basketball at the gym, Destiny can bring people together in unexpected ways.

More Destiny:

Destiny 2 Weekly Reset

With another weekly reset comes the regular rotation of activities:

  • This week’s Flashpoint is on the Tangled Shore
  • Nightfalls are Savathun’s Song, Strange Terrain, and The Hollowed Lair
  • The weekly Strike element is Arc
  • The Dreaming City curse is at its weakest

Destiny 2 Lumina Exotic Quest

The Lumina Exotic Quest is available now in Destiny 2 — check out our Destiny 2 Lumina Quest Guide for all the details. I’m a ways through it right now, and as Exotic quests go it’s a fun one. You get some interesting (and kind of inspirational) lore, and you’re forced to work together with other Guardians, which I think is really bringing out the best in the community. That one invader kill is going to be a pain, but I’ll get there.

Destiny Grimoire Anthology

There’s a new Destiny lore collection coming out, and until July 9th you can get a deal on it if you buy an in-game emote. Players who purchase the “Consult the Archives” emote from the Eververse store will receive a 20% discount offer on the book. Make sure you’re signed up for Bungie Rewards, and remember that you have to purchase the emote and redeem the discount before July 9th.

Destiny 2 Menagerie Chest Glitch Fix

Last week, Bungie announced that they were addressing the glitch which allows players to open the final chest in the Menagerie activity multiple times. That fix is going live on July 9, so be sure to get in those Austringer and Beloved rolls before then. If you’re going for the triumph that requires you slot runes in exchange for rewards, you might want to knock that out before then too.

Destiny 2 Ascendant Challenge

Destiny 2 Ascendant Challenge — Week of July 2, 2019

To find this week’s challenge, head to Garden of Esila. You can find the area by heading from the initial Dreaming City spawn location and towards The Strand. Once in The Strand, turn right and follow the only pathway available until you enter the Garden. The portal is on top of the second rocky peak to your left.

This challenge is similar to Ouroborea—the first-ever Ascendant Challenge in Destiny 2. Except this time you get to destroy the knights trying to kill you, instead of just running away from them. It’s way more fun.

To kick off the challenge, you first need to find three orbs scattered around the outskirts of the central area. Pick up the orbs, bring them to the center of the main platform, and dunk them like only a Guardian can.

Dunking all three orbs creates a well of light in the center of the area that will almost instantly charge your super. That should allow you to take down the approaching knights with ease. You’ll want a ranged super—Dawnblade for Warlocks, Sunbreaker for Titan, Blade Barrage for Hunter—to melt them from a safe distance so they can’t hack at you. Once all of the knights are dead, collect the loot from the chest and bail.


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