The Vainguard, a Destiny Fashion Column: Transmog Edition

Transmog has finally arrived in Destiny 2. Is it needlessly complex and a punitive grind? Sure, but that won’t stop Guardians everywhere from stepping up their fashion game, as previously-useless but gorgeous armor pieces find new life and applying shaders is easier than ever. In this edition of The Vainguard, I asked to see your best Transmog looks, and you didn’t disappoint. Consider this a celebration of the creativity and aesthetic diversity of the Destiny 2 community.

An ornate Hunter (Lyserberg)

Destiny 2

Combining pieces from various seasons and activities, this Hunter has a pleasingly aerodynamic silhouette.

This space monk (Lincoln Carpenter)

Destiny 2

Who would have thought the helmet from the military-themed Seventh Seraph set would combine with these robes to create a Guardian that looks like Overwatch hero Zenyatta?

A Hunter in shining armor (Kyle R)

Destiny 2

Getting major Rom, the Space Knight vibes here, and I love it.

An unnerving Warlock (Clarissa)

Destiny 2

Submitted on the Fanbyte Discord, this Warlock looks like something out of a Zelda creepypasta. Big fan of the Kairos Function crown and last season’s Legatus Set, and they work beautifully together here.

A lost ringwraith (Pleasant Ghoul)

Destiny 2

The Wing Theorem suit is one of the sets I’m most excited to see back in circulation, and its helmet does great here as the centerpiece of an otherwise reserved look. (Also pictured in the featured image for this piece.)

A pristine explorer (coast)

Destiny 2

Sure, Shadowkeep gave us “haunted astronaut,” but this a Guardian that’s confident enough in their own abilities that they don’t have to glue a bunch of charms and garbage to their armor to ward off the Darkness.

More Destiny:

I asked Fanbyte staff to share their first forays into Transmog, too — here’s what they came up with.

A dREDgen (Steven)

Destiny 2

A frosty Hunter (Collin)

Destiny 2

A waterlogged Warframe (Jordan)

Destiny 2

Having fun with Transmog? Share your Guardians in the comments. And remember: now more than ever, saving the universe is no excuse for looking sloppy.


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