Should You Buy A Nintendo Switch Before E3 2019?

I mean maybe?????

Rumors have been swirling for a while that not one but two new Nintendo Switch models are coming soon. If the rumors are at all accurate, one model is a more portable version that removes some features of the original, like the ability to dock the system or remove the Joy-Con. The other rumored model is a beefier version aimed at “hardcore gamers” that might have better load times, graphics, etc. Some have seen the overclocking that came with the Nintendo Labo VR update as an indication Nintendo is leaning in the direction of making the Switch hardware more powerful.

Okay, let’s say all of that is true. Does that mean Nintendo is dropping both of these models this year? We have no idea and Nintendo is being coy about their E3 plans.

Video producer Frank has put together a quick guide for these rumors and stakes a claim for whether you should invest in a current model Switch. Feel free to listen to him! Or don’t! It’s really up to you. The only thing I’ll definitively say is the Nintendo Switch rules and you should get one no matter the model.


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