How to Beat Stasis PVP Players in Destiny 2 Beyond Light

Hello Guardian, I regret to inform you that Io, Mercury, Mars, and Titan were not the only things consumed by the Darkness this week. Reports have come in that people are wielding an unknown, icy power called Stasis in Shaxx’s Crucible. This has, unsurprisingly, sent our wonderful Vanguard into a spiral of negativity with Guardians complaining on online forums of how utterly oppressive this new subclass is. Even some of our most popular Lightbearers have taken to the net to voice their outrage about Stasis. This has led many to believe that there is no way to beat this subclass in PVP, but don’t worry we have compiled some tips for surviving the Crucible this season.

How to Beat Stasis in PVP

Destiny 2 Stasis Grenades

Run and Hide

Look, I know this isn’t really honorable, but unless you’re strapping space heaters to your armor there’s a high chance that you’ll be frozen. So when that match starts, just turn around, find a nice corner, and stay there for the entire duration of the match. What? Did your team actually think you’ll risk your K/D because some New Light Guardian keeps turning you into a living ice sculpture every time you round the corner?! Sure, we could stop trying to play at point-blank range where it’s easy to land Stasis abilities, but that means you have to “get good” at sniping and we hate sniping. No sir, we are going to find a nice nook in Bannerfall and play with those weird cubes Osiris has while we wait for the buzzer.

Destiny 2 Beyond Light Artifact

Use Your Ghost

Perhaps the most effective way to defeat Stasis users in PVP is by using your friendly Ghost. When the match starts just bring up your Ghost and go right back to Orbit. You have better things to do anyway, like prepare to raid the Deep Stone Crypt in a week. Time to get back on that level grind!

I regret to inform you the best way, somehow, to still increase your Power Level is the Competitive mode in Crucible. Apparently, this is our penance for using Mountaintop, Revoker, and Recluse for nearly two years. Look I get it, blasting Guardians from above with Mountaintop was fun, but why is the best way to increase our Light tied to old, sweaty content? I’ve only visited the Cosmodrome three times and that dead-eyed Shaw Han just keeps staring at me whenever I land.

Outplay Those Guardians

Fine, I guess we have to fight them eventually. When battling against Stasis users, you will want to keep your distance so you can dodge their attacks. Unless they’re using that one grenade that just tracks you, then you’re just screwed. You’ll also want to practice button mashing because no matter how good you are the cold embrace of death will find you. Shooting from range is definitely your best strategy since there’s a 50/50 chance that enemy Guardian’s ice wall is just going to go the completely opposite direction of you.

Be wary of Titans though. For all the jokes we make about them being big, slow, and dumb they’ve mastered the ability to put rockets on their boots. Seriously, I watched a Titan defy gravity, physics, and god itself by breaking the sound barrier when it slid a mile across the room. Remember when we used to complain about shoulder charge? Simpler times.

Just Use Stasis

Okay, okay, okay, look if everyone else is going to do it you might as well, right? I mean sure we are risking everything we were taught since we began this journey and our mentors largely unapproved of using the Darkness, but it should be fine. I mean, they only possessed our Ghost and have potentially wiped out four destinations in a day. Look at the Drifter! He’s so suave and cool when using Stasis, don’t you want to be like him? I mean, yes, he calls half of the Guardian community snitches whenever they play Gambit, but he can also do some neat coin tricks. I want to do neat coin tricks too! Stasis is just an evolution of Crucible where no one is having fun and isn’t that true balancing?

So as you contemplate signing over your morals and everything the Traveler stands for, let me leave you with this inspiring quote from Shaxx about Stasis:

Get fucked, Guardian – Shaxx