Lord of Wolves Nerf Is Coming in Destiny 2

Bungie to Memorialize "The Week When the Wolves Ran Wild"

We knew it was only a matter of time, and Bungie has officially announced that they will be nerfing the Lord of Wolves in Destiny 2 later this summer. In a post today, Luke Smith described the internal debate around the weapon, noting that there had been some discussion of preventing players from equipping the gun entirely. However, it doesn’t look like that will be the approach Bungie takes.

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New Triumph, Nameplate

Smith acknowledged that as a live game, there will always be times in Destiny 2 when something breaks. Bungie has historically been slow to address these gamebreaking dynamics, and that isn’t changing this time around. Lord of Wolves will be nerfed later this summer — but in the meantime, Bungie is having some fun with it.

All players who complete an Iron Banner match this week will receive a new Triumph and nameplate to commemorate the week where the Wolves dominated the game mode. To me, this is almost better than just immediately nerfing the gun. As Smith puts it, “video games are incredible places for memories to form and we do want Destiny to be a game world that remembers.”

Smith also mentioned in the post that Bungie is looking at addressing the damage resistance of roaming supers. These abilities have been tamed somewhat this week, but overall still run rampant over Iron Banner.

If this is an indication of how Bungie is going to be operating Destiny 2 as a live service moving forward, then I’m into it. Dynamically adding Triumphs and other in-game commemorations of moments when the game was unintentionally buckwild — last season’s grenade-filled Revelry Crucible comes to mind — is a fun way of dealing with the challenges of keeping up with the meta in a game that ultimately isn’t a capital C competitive environment.

Or maybe Luke Smith just wants another week of stomping unsuspecting players with his instadeath shotgun. In any case, it’s good to hear from him again.


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