Gambit Has Been Unplayable All Season in Destiny 2

If you’ve been dipping into Gambit in Destiny 2 for the double Infamy bonus over the past week, you’ve likely noticed something — the mode is addled with connection errors. This isn’t new, either. Ever since the start of the Season of the Worthy, the mode has been plagued with problems that have rendered it borderline unplayable.

It started with an odd bug in the first week of the season that seemed to cause an entire team to get booted out of the match when someone gained a level on the season pass, handing a victory by default to the other team. Bungie cleared that up soon enough, but since then the mode has become more unstable than ever.

Earlier tonight, I played a few games of Gambit with my clan to try and get some of that bonus Infamy before it leaves at tomorrow’s reset. In the three matches we played, we experienced the following: one of our players was ejected and replaced before he could rejoin; one of us was sucked out of the match for a few seconds then dropped back in at the spawn point with no motes; and finally, just as we were doing well in the third game, all of us were kicked out simultaneously and our fireteam was disbanded.

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I don’t know what’s causing these issues — Bungie announced some changes to networking when the season launched that might have something to do with them. But they’ve made an already-maligned mode even less appealing for most players. There’s already no Pinnacle or Ritual weapons for Gambit this season, so unless you’re going for Dredgen, grinding bounties for XP, or just like the mode, there’s no reason to play it.

And I’m among that last group. I actually enjoy Gambit’s PVEVP setup, even though it can be incredibly frustrating at times. But as it is, the mode is — appropriately enough, I guess — a big gamble to play. It’s a further blow to not just a part of Destiny 2 that a lot of players don’t care for, but to the game’s reputation as a whole. After all, the only thing worse for a live game than a season with a dearth of new content is one that also somehow messes up the stuff that’s already there.


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