The Vainguard, a Destiny Fashion Column: Season of the Dawn Edition

Happy Dawning, Guardians, and welcome back to The Vainguard, a Destiny fashion column. It’s a new season and a new event, and I can already see the styles changing in the Tower. People are actually wearing the Wings of Sacred Dawn!

Since we’re all busy fixing Osiris’s mistakes and baking cookies for our space friends, this week I didn’t have any particular rules or theme in mind — I just asked you to share your stylish Guardians with me. Here are a few of my favorites.

saturnalia (@celestialmecha)

Merry Gothmas! This Warlock isn’t getting into the traditional spirit of the Dawning, looking more Ringwraith than ringing bells. Perhaps she has chosen to embody the dark side of the holidays: consumerist excess, overindulgence, uncomfortable family dinners. I mean, imagine a Guardian holiday meal — when Zavala and Uncle Drifter start talking about Vanguard politics, someone’s ending up with their throat slashed by a carving knife. This Warlock reminds us of these and other dangers of the Dawning. Or maybe she just found an old DVD of The Night Before Christmas in the Tower and got really into it.

Destiny 2

Devon “The Nut Professor” Elson (@abolsutetravist)

This shiny Hunter with his sleigh-like Sparrow is delivering a very merry Dawning look. He would look right at home standing next to space Santa at the space mall, ushering children through the photo op from behind his cold, emotionless mask. In this scenario space Santa is Calus, probably? Come sit on Daddy Calus’s lap, and if you’re very good (i.e. betray everyone you love and swear fealty to him) then maybe he’ll bring you that vintage Gjallarhorn you want.

Destiny 2

ASTP (@great_void)

My dude look like a Patlabor. 10/10

Destiny 2

Me (@merrittk)

Good Dawning to you, wanderer! Might you be interested in my dread mysteries? Or else my eldritch artifacts? No? No, these aren’t for you. You are a Guardian of taste and discernment. You have seen much, experienced much. I can see it in your eyes. Yes, you have plumbed the depths of the old ways, the dark magics, the forbidden texts. What can I offer one such as yourself, who has seen into the void between life and death? A tale, perhaps? But no ordinary tale. No, this is a story of a man caught between worlds — a traveler between dimensions, much like yourself. On this ancient optical medium, you will find the tale of the legendary Jack Skellington. For you, 5000 Glimmer.

That’s all for this week! I’ll be taking a break for the holidays next week, then The Vainguard will return in the new year. See you in 2020! And remember: saving the universe is no excuse for looking sloppy.

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