The Vainguard, a Destiny Fashion Column: Gotta Go Fast Edition

Welcome back to The Vainguard, a column where you dress up your Destiny 2 characters according to my whims. This week, I provided you with a challenge: I wanted to see you make a Guardian that looked as much as possible like our speedy blue friend Sonic the Hedgehog. Why? Because limitations spark creativity. Because we haven’t had a new Sonic game in two years. But mostly, because I wanted to see if I could. And clearly, I can. When I say jump, you don’t say how high — you just curl into a ball and do it.

Destiny 2


This Guardian makes use of the Cloak of Optimacy and shaders to create a look that incorporates both Sonic’s trademark blue as well as his white highlights. The lack of white gloves is somewhat disappointing, but offset by the use of the helmet to imitate Sonic’s one large eye. I also appreciate that this Hunter’s ghost resembles a Chaos Emerald. I’d love to see this Guardian running around the Crucible with Spectral Blades active while the invincibility music from Sonic 3 played.

Destiny 2

saturn (@celestialmecha)

In contrast to the above, this Hunter opts for a more direct interpretation of Sonic. Blue is, of course, the dominant color, but the shaders and armor used evoke Sonic’s bare arms and stomach — remember, Sonic’s arms are not blue. Here we also get Sonic’s trademark red shoes, the only item of clothing he traditionally wears, and which Sega’s brand bible insists that he never remove. This Guardian’s ghost charmingly looks like one of the golden rings that Sonic collects to protect himself from touching robots. And really, don’t Ghosts do the same thing for Guardians? One last detail here is that — intentionally or not — the Sparrow looks a little like the Tornado, the plane piloted by Sonic’s 8-year-old fox friend Tails “Miles” Prower.

Destiny 2

Brendan McLEOD (@_sulcata)

This Titan does something that neither of his Hunter compatriots do, which is emulate Sonic’s spikes. And there are certainly a number of them on display here, running up the back and onto the helmet. I like that red is incorporated into the design, even if it didn’t make it onto the boots. But I have to say, this Titan just scares me. Like, this is some spooky Sonic.exe stuff. It doesn’t help that the Sparrow behind him is some kind of hell-forged vehicle that looks like something the titular character might drive in a modern remake of Shadow the Hedgehog. It’s all very upsetting, but that’s really pretty on brand for the Sonic franchise.

That’s all I can stomach for this week. I’ll be back next Monday, so keep an eye out on Twitter between now and then for another call for submissions. And remember: saving the universe is no excuse for looking sloppy.

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