The Vainguard, a Destiny Fashion Column: Back 2 Basics Edition

Welcome back to The Vainguard, a Destiny 2 fashion column where I ask for pics and you send them to me. There was no theme this week — I just wanted to check in on your Guardians in the wake of Festival of the Lost. As the old rhyme goes, remember, remember, that now it’s November. Let’s all have a good November.

Destiny 2

Alex Hardison (@euchrid)

This Guardian parties. It’s just obvious! The hair, the bright colors, the Solar element? He wants everyone to know when he walks in the room. This Guardian has his Ghost constantly blasting Party Rock Anthem whether he’s dancing energetically in the Tower or shooting Cabal in the face on Nessus. Who else do we know who parties in Destiny? Emperor Calus — his whole thing is being the last person left partying at the end of the universe. But with this look and the Vigilance Wing pule rifle equipped, this Titan is giving Calus a run for his money. See, the Vigilance Wing’s Exotic perk powers up the wielder when they’re the last member of their fireteam standing. This Titan’s vibes cannot be stopped, and his will to party only increases as the odds against him worsen.

Destiny 2

Collin MacGregor (@BeguiledGamer)

Right off the bat, I’m impressed to see the use of the Intrepid armor here, a set I’ve never particularly liked. Pairing the Intrepid helm with this long jacket (complete with shoulder bag) creates the impression of a rugged Indiana Jones-type, an impression further aided by the bulky Sparrow and choice of weaponry. The “Chronicler” title, as well as being an impression achievement, lends itself further to this aesthetic. This is a Warlock that looks different from the majority of his ilk while also clearly remaining an investigator of dark mysteries.

Destiny 2

Stephen Mattes (@craneflight)

This Titan is ready. Ready for what? Literally anything.

Paul Tassi (@PaulTassi)

This Guardian was overlooked by Bungie in their fashion search a few weeks back, and that’s a shame, because the theme here is tight as hell. I’m getting spooky robot zombie vibes off this Titan, what with the black and red theming accentuated by the Outbreak Perfected rifle and the Synthoceps Exotic with their ornament (which might be my favorite-looking piece of gear in Destiny 2.) The various lines on the leg armor, ribs, and wing-like shoulder pieces all pull the onlooker’s eyes inward towards the shimmering core at the center of the chest piece that offsets the dark tones of the rest of the look and keep them from becoming stifling. Overall, I get the feeling that this is a Guardian who has looked into the Darkness at the heart of the Black Garden and said, “what else you got.”

Destiny 2

Me (@merrittk)

Lastly, I wanted to show off my alt: a Hunter who looks like one of those people who asks you to come paintballing with her, then when you arrive it becomes obvious that she’s here every weekend, knows advanced survival skills, and has her own custom gear. But it’s too late to back out, and maybe she’ll go easy on you? She does not. You are as an awkward deer, hunted by something unfathomable to you. You never see her coming. Your defeat is swift, painful, and total. But hey, she’s a good sport and buys pizza for everyone afterwards. Never again, you think, sipping your drink and fingering the welts across your midsection. Never again.

I’ll be back next Monday, so keep an eye out for a call for submissions on Twitter later this week. And remember: saving the universe is no excuse for looking sloppy.

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