Destiny 2 Weekend Update – August 16, 2019

While not much is happening in Destiny 2 at the moment, we did get a whole lot of news about upcoming changes this week. Between the Armor 2.0 livestream and Luke Smith’s Director’s Cut, there’s a ton of information to dive into. I’ve got the highlights, as well as Xur’s inventory and location, the Ascendant Challenge, and everything else you need to know about Destiny 2 this week.

Oh, and in personal news, I finished the Moments of Triumph. I had to get carried to the Pinnacle weapon in Crucible, but I’m finally done. MMXIX, baby.

More Destiny 2:

Destiny 2 Weekly Reset – Week of August 13 2019

With another weekly reset comes the regular rotation of activities:

  • This week’s Flashpoint is on the EDZ
  • Nightfalls are The Insight Terminus, The Inverted Spire, and Tree of Probabilities
  • The Strike Singe element is Arc
  • The featured Crucible playlist is Breakthrough
  • The Dreaming City curse is at its weakest
  • The Menagerie boss is Arunak, Hive Ogre
  • The Reckoning boss is the Likeness of Oryx
  • The Escalation Protocol boss is Kathok, Roar of Xol

Destiny 2 Armor 2.0

The Bungie livestream this week went into detail on the new armor system coming to Destiny 2 this fall. Armor 2.0 will mean more customizability, both for mods and cosmetics. Mods will now be unlockable and infinitely reusable, while Universal Ornaments will allow Guardians to change the appearance of any non-Exotic gear.

For more information, see our full piece on Armor 2.0 in Destiny 2.

Destiny 2 Director’s Cut — Crucible, Damage Buff Changes

Luke Smith’s three-part essay on the past and future of Destiny 2 was a real treat, both for the information it laid out and just to see him communicating with the public again. Smith’s posts covered everything from the future of Crucible to dealing with damage creep. I’m actually excited about the future of Crucible! And everyone is getting bumped to Power 750 when Shadowkeep drops! Wow!

For all the details, see our posts on the Director’s Cut:

Xur Inventory and Location — August 16 2019

This week, Xur is in The Rig on Titan. To find him, land on The Rig then head east. Go just past the rounded area on the edge map, then double back. You’ll find Xur inside a small structure. In addition to his Exotic Engram and Invitation of the Nine (if you haven’t finished that quest) this week Xur is selling Telesto, Aeon Swift, Verity Brow, and Stronghold.

Telesto is an Exotic Fusion Rifle that causes a delayed explosion on hits. Additionally, multikills reload your equipped Energy and Kinetic weapons from reserves. It’s a powerful weapon, though has taken a hit in the Season of Opulence as Legendary fusion rifles received a large boost. In Crucible it’s largely outclassed by Erentil FR-4, and in PVE Loaded Question has somewhat overtaken it. That said, it’s still an extremely good weapon in most situations, as well as being tremendously fun to use.

Aeon Swift is a Hunter Exotic Gauntlet.

Verity’s Brow is a Warlock Exotic Hood. Like many Warlock Exotics, it’s merely okay. While equipped, Energy kills boost grenade recharge rates for you and your allies. Honestly, in PVP you’re much better served with Eye of Another World, and in PVE there are better grenade-specific Exotics, like Sunbracers. Also it’s kind of ugly.

Stronghold is a Titan Exotic Gauntlet. Its signature perk Clenched Fist removes the ammo cost from blocking with swords and increases your movement speed while blocking. Additionally, shots blocked immediately after guarding will heal you. Highly situational and likely not going to be your choice for any high-level activities, but definitely a fun Exotic to play around with, especially since swords were boosted in Season of Opulence.

Destiny 2 Ascendant Challenge — August 13 2019

To find this week’s challenge, head to the Gardens of Esila. You can find the area by heading from the initial Dreaming City spawn location and towards The Strand. Once in The Strand, turn right and follow the only pathway available until you enter the Garden. The portal is on top of the second rocky peak to your left.

This challenge is similar to Ouroborea—the first-ever Ascendant Challenge in Destiny 2. Except this time you get to destroy the knights trying to kill you, instead of just running away from them. It’s way more fun.

To kick off the challenge, you first need to find three orbs scattered around the outskirts of the central area. Pick up the orbs, bring them to the center of the main platform, and dunk them like only a Guardian can.

Dunking all three orbs creates a well of light in the center of the area that will almost instantly charge your super. That should allow you to take down the approaching knights with ease. You’ll want a ranged super—Dawnblade for Warlocks, Sunbreaker for Titan, Blade Barrage for Hunter—to melt them from a safe distance so they can’t hack at you. Once all of the knights are dead, collect the loot from the chest and bail.


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