I Accidentally Did JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Cosplay in Destiny 2

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After a somewhat rocky launch earlier today, I’ve finally been able to sit down with Destiny 2And in between grabbing screenshots, figuring out questlines, and working on guides, I’ve even been able to play it a little. I’ve been playing around with mods and the new stats a little, and I’ve already created some truly wild results.

See, Destiny 2 has brought back three stats from the first game in the series: Strength, Intelligence, and Discipline. These determine the regeneration rates of your Melee, Super, and Grenade abilities, respectively. So far I’ve basically just been slapping on whatever new armor I’ve found, but I wound up with three levels of Strength, which should make my Melee ability recharge in 82 seconds.

So far that’s pretty reasonable. But I’ve also been trying out new Exotics now that the old Warlock standby, Lunafaction Boots, have been nerfed quite a bit. I pulled Nezarec’s Sin out of my collections, a helmet I’d never used much in the past. Its Exotic perk increases ability regeneration on any Void kill, including abilities.

Destiny 2 Finishers

I soon discovered that between my levels in Strength and Nezarec’s Sin, my melee kills were effectively self-recharging. The particular Void tree I prefer causes your melee attacks to trigger delayed explosions in enemies. And I could use that ability more or less at will.

What I’m saying is that I accidentally created a Killer Queen build from JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure.

Like Yoshikage Kira, I was soon running around punching every Hive in sight and causing them to explode spectacularly. Is this the most effective way to play Destiny 2? Probably not. But it’s incredibly fun, and it’s given me a sense of the kinds of customizability the new system allows for. I can’t wait to dig further in and see what kinds of builds I’m able to create.

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