Long-Awaited Nerf Coming to Destiny 2 Spectral Blades Super

At long last, the Destiny 2 Spectral Blades Super is getting a much-needed nerf. The Void Hunter Super has been running rampant in Crucible for the past few months, but it will finally be brought back to heel in a forthcoming upcoming update. Thank the Traveler!

Spectral Blades Hunter Super Changes – Destiny 2

Bungie revealed news of the nerf in this week’s studio blog post. It outlined specific changes to help bring the roaming Super back in line with other abilities in Destiny 2. Specifically, Spectral Blades will be shorter and give less damage reduction to Hunters.

“Previously, this Super had the highest damage reduction of all the roaming Supers, either in stealth or not,” Bungie said. “This change reduces Spectral Blades to have the lowest DR of all the roaming Supers while stealth is not active and to be in line with the low end while stealth is active.”

As for the duration of the Super being shorter, Bungie wants players to “think just a little bit before spamming away.”

“Basically, we reduced the duration by 3 seconds overall,” the blog post added. “We want you to feel like you have time to plan in stealth with the understanding that you need to be deliberate and swift with your strikes. Additionally, we increased the cost of the light melee attack.”

Gwisin Vest Exotic – Spectral Blades Update

One of Spectral Blades’ biggest enablers, the Gwisin Vest Exotic chest piece, won’t be touched just yet, however. The armor’s “Roving Assassin” perk restores Super energy with each kill you make before going back into stealth. That means equipping it can extend the Spectral Blades Super to ungodly lengths — long enough to kill someone once, then kill them again after they respawn… multiple times.

“We are looking at Gwisin Vest now and playing with some changes,” the Destiny 2 update said. “We also want to see how these initial changes go. If we decide to change Gwisin, you will see it in Season 7.”

Bungie did not give a timetable for the patch just yet. But odds are that it will come some time in the next few weeks — definitely before Season 7 of Destiny 2 begins in June. For the time being, though, Bungie has made a few other changes to close the gap on Spectral Blades. The Arc Week update drastically improved many of the Destiny 2 Arc subclasses. So at least the very bottom of the barrel isn’t quite so low anymore.

Here’s the specific list of Spectral Blades changes Bungie revealed today:

Damage Reduction

  • Out-of-stealth DR reduced from 60% to 52%
  • In-stealth DR reduced from 62% to 54.4%

Super Duration

  • Super length out of stealth with no attacking: 17.5 -> 14.5 seconds
  • Super length in stealth with no attacking: 26.6 -> 23.5 seconds
  • Light melee cost increased by 50%

Be sure to check back later for more Destiny 2 news and updates. We’ll be sure to inform you of all major patch notes, nerfs, and buffs in the future. Take care!