Destiny 2 Players Are Unrepentant Sinners Who Know Only Pain

Destiny 2 players are evil. There, I said it. Bungie goes through the effort of crafting beautiful worlds and epic challenges for us, and what do we do? We laugh, and we take out a Raid boss with a single punch. Or we set up our gear so we’re throwing grenades every three seconds. Or, in this particular case, we employ weapons in unexpected manners to cause our fellow players a great deal of agony.

Rami Ismail, of game studio Vlambeer, tweeted earlier today about a discovery he’d made in Destiny 2‘s Iron Banner mode. This special Crucible mode, which is only available one week a month, sees players capturing control points and then hunting the opposing team. Unlike the game’s regular Control mode, Iron Banner’s control points are capped with flames. They’re purely cosmetic and seemingly innocuous — most players probably don’t even notice them at this point.

And that’s exactly what Ismail’s strategy takes advantage of. Using the Exotic Fusion Rifle Telesto, he fires into the flames. Telesto’s Exotic Perk Unplanned Reprieve makes its shots stick to surfaces (or enemies) and explode after a set delay. It’s useful, but normally other players can see the glowing needles and avoid them before they go off. Not so if they’re hidden in the flames of a control point, as Ismail’s video demonstrates. When an opposing Guardian goes to capture a point, they get a nasty surprise.

Is this the most effective Iron Banner strategy? Probably not, since it relies on enemies being close enough that they’ll try to capture the point before your Telesto’s shots explode on their own. Is it devious? Absolutely. Fun? It sure seems like it. Am I going to eye every control point a little more warily from now on? You bet I am.

Players of other live games — like Sea of Thieves and Fallout 76 — continually amaze me with their creativity. I mean, Fallout 76 players made Clue! Meanwhile, us Destiny 2 players devote our energies to breaking bosses and tormenting one another in increasingly hideous ways. We are sinners, and to paraphrase Jonathan Edwards, there is nothing that keeps us at any one moment out of hell, but the mere pleasure of Luke Shaw.

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