Destiny 2 Moments of Triumph Guide — Triumphs, Rewards, Start Date

The Season of Opulence in Destiny 2 has already brought us a number of new activities and challenges. And this week, Bungie has introduced yet another: Moments of Triumph. This time-limited event is a tradition that goes all the way back to the original Destiny, and sees players completing various Triumphs for rewards.

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When Does Moments of Triumph Start in Destiny 2?

The Moments of Triumph event will begin Jul 9, 2019. It will run until August 29, 2019. All players will be able to earn some of the triumphs, but to complete them all you’ll need Forsaken and the Annual Pass.

Destiny 2 Moments of Triumph List

Bungie has released a list of the Moments of Triumph that will challenge Guardians in all aspects of Destiny 2, from raids and strikes to PVP scenarios to lore acquisition and collection of Exotics. If you want all to get that title for completing them all, you’re going to have to work. On the plus side, you likely already have some of these completed.


  • Legendary Valor: Achieve a Valor rank of Legend in any season
  • Crucible Pinnacle Arms: Earn a Crucible Pinnacle weapon from any season
  • Vanguard Pinnacle Arms: Earn a Vanguard Pinnacle weapon from any season
  • Nothing Left to Say: Complete Mission Nothing Left to Say
  • The Vault: Amass gear in your collections (you need to have found 1000 different pieces)
  • Mythic: Reach the Mythic division in Gambit
  • Gambit Pinnacle Arms: Earn a Gambit Pinnacle weapon from any season
  • O Murderer Mine: Complete the Last Wish raid
  • Valiant Savior: Complete the Scourge of the Past raid
  • Going the Distance: Complete The Gauntlet in The Menagerie by having all six players complete every lap before time runs out
  • Prime Fashion: Win a Gambit match while wearing a full set of Notorious armor
  • Bedazzled: Fully upgrade the Chalice of Opulence
  • Forges Afield: Forge 10 weapons from research frames in Black Armor forges
  • Challenger: Complete weekly challenges though the system
  • Gun for Hire: Complete bounties throughout the system
  • For the Vanguard: Complete 25 strikes
  • Never Again: Complete the Shattered Throne dungeon
  • Exotic Arsenal: Complete the associated quests and earn Outbreak Perfected, Whisper of the Worm, and Bad Juju

Solstice of Heroes Triumphs

  • Fashion Hero: Upgrade the full Solstice of Heroes armor set to Legendary
  • Above and Beyond: Fully Masterwork any piece of Majestic Solstice armor
  • Inheritance: ???

Destiny 2 Moments of Triumph Rewards

So what do you get for completing these Triumphs? It seems like the rewards are mostly cosmetic, to show off your achievements to other guardians. And rather than tie rewards to specific achievements, it seems like Guardians will be gunning to complete as many as possible to unlock fabulous prizes which range from Emblems to real, physical t-Shirts.

  • Complete one Moment of Triumph, earn the Moments of Triumph 2019 Emblem
  • Complete 5 Moments of Triumph, earn the Moments of Triumph 2019 Sparrow
  • Complete 10 Moments of Triumph, earn the Moments of Triumph 2019 Ship
  • Complete 15 Moments of Triumph, the Moments of Triumph T-Shirt offer becomes available
  • Complete ALL Moments of Triumph, unlock the Moments of Triumph 2019 Seal and Title

As someone who’s been trying to complete a seal, any seal, I’m pretty excited about the possibility of one that might be a little less time-consuming than Wayfarer. I already have a few of these, even! But I’m definitely looking at Prime Fashion and groaning, because it means I might actually have to play Reckoning and Gambit Prime, which sounds utterly miserable. If you’re going for the title yourself, maybe I’ll see you out there. Good luck!