Destiny 2 Gets Cross Save This Month, Armor 2.0 Details Coming Soon

The future of Destiny 2 just got a bit brighter, a bit sooner.

Bungie delayed its upcoming Destiny 2 expansion, Shadowkeep, until October. That hasn’t slowed down some of the game’s biggest new features, however. In particular, the long awaited cross save functionality already has a release date. And it’s coming much sooner than you might think! The Destiny 2 cross save has a release date of Aug. 21 — just a couple weeks from today.

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The news comes courtesy of a This Week At Bungie post: our regularly scheduled deployment of Destiny related news. This week was especially chock full of news, too. Besides the cross save announcement, Bungie also promised more information about the mysterious “Armor 2.0” update that will presumably launch alongside Shadowkeep.

Details have been scarce so far, and the developer seems aware of this fact. So it will hold an Armor 2.0 livestream to detail the anticipated changes. Bungie promised that viewers will see the devs “apply Mods, Artifacts, and Ornaments to build their own version of the perfect monster killing machine.” They will then “test those builds in the new Sandbox.” The stream will begin on Aug. 14 at 10 a.m. Pacific, if everything goes according to plan.

Isn’t that exciting? I’ve personally found Titans in Destiny 2 to be a bit of a letdown — just generally less interesting and customizable than Hunters and Warlocks. The promise of being able to tweak my build more specifically to my liking sounds tremendously appealing. Maybe my iconic bubble shield, so viciously ignored ever since the original Destiny, will even be useful again. But I won’t hold my breath just yet…

Anywho! That’s far from all the information Bungie teased today. The studio further laid out a roadmap of announcements in the lead-up to Shadowkeep. Most of this information won’t become available until “the last mile” before the expansion, which is to say sometime in September, however. So the Armor 2.0 and cross save news will likely have to tide our rabid curiosity over for some time.

That being said, according to the developer’s own timeline, we’ll also get a “State of the Game” post from Bungie content editor Luke Smith sometime before Aug. 14 (and the Armor 2.0 stream). .Then we’ll get more details at Gamescome 2019 before Destiny 2 cross save launches later this month. After that, things get murkier. But we have a general outline of information to come: how seasons will work in Year 3 of Destiny 2, PVP changes for Shadowkeep, and something called “an invitation to the Crucible at PAX.” That’s quite a lot to anticipate between now and October!

In the meantime, Destiny 2 players can still busy themselves with the Solstice of Heroes event and earning those infuriating Moments of Triumph. Our very own managing editor, Merritt K, won’t stop beating her head in pursuit of these digital badges that get you… bragging rights, I guess? At least the Solstice of Heroes armor looks cool. I’m sure it will be even cooler when we know just how the hell it will fit into this Armor 2.0 business.

Personally, I’ll hold off on getting back into Destiny 2 too much until that cross save feature swings by. I’m pretty excited to finally move what meager guns and armor I do have over to a buttery smooth PC frame rate. Not to mention all my friends jumped ship to PC without me. Oh! Speaking of which, it sounds like you won’t be able to migrate your copy of Destiny 2 to Steam until Oct. 1 (the same day as the Shadowkeep release date). Keep that in mind when you’re getting ready to make your own move!