Here’s How Finishers Work in Destiny 2

We got a lot of information about the upcoming Destiny 2 expansion Shadowkeep at Gamescom today. Some of that information was about the new “finisher” mechanic coming to the game. More than simple eye candy, these moves will have a direct impact on Destiny 2‘s combat, giving Guardians a new tool in their fights against the Darkness.

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Finishers in Destiny 2

Finishers seem to function similarly to those in 2016’s Doom. As in that game, enemies will glow when sufficiently weakened, at which point the player can activate a finisher. A quick canned animation will, as the name suggests, finish off the foe. Notably, finishers do not provide invulnerability, so players can’t simply rush in and chain them with impunity.

Some finishers are class specific. Titans, for instance, hurl a powerful punch at their unfortunate enemies, while Hunters employ acrobatic knife techniques. Players will receive three of these class-specific finishers when Shadowkeep launches.

But finishers aren’t just about killing enemies in showy ways. Using mods, Guardians can activate finishers to trigger different effects. For example, one mod allows Guardians to spawn Heavy Ammo for their fireteam upon performing a finisher — at the cost of half a super bar. Other mods will restore health, grant invisibility, and provide other advantages.

It seems like finishers will add an interesting new element to combat in Destiny 2. The fact that they pull the camera out to third person doesn’t hurt either, as it means we’ll get to see more of our fancy Armor 2.0-customized Guardian than ever before. We’ll have more about finishers and the other new features coming to Destiny as Bungie releases more information in the run-up to the release of Shadowkeep on October 1.


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