You Can Finally Complete the Secret Festival of the Lost Triumph in Destiny 2

Here's how

Ever since the Festival of the Lost started in Destiny 2 a few weeks back, players have been blocked from completing one particular triumph. That’s because the item required to unlock it wasn’t actually released until this week. As of yesterday’s update, Eva Levante is now selling a Festival Charm for 100 Candy, and it’s key to rounding out your Festival of the Lost triumph collection.

The item description for the Festival Charm isn’t too promising — it says it increases the number of Chocolate Strange coins you get for completing activities and Haunted Forest runs. On the face of things, it seems like an item for players who are scrambling to collect the last few Festival of the Lost masks for their collections. But it serves another purpose, too.

Pick up a Festival Charm, then head into the Haunted Forest. Once you’re there, use the charm from your inventory. Proceed through the forest as usual, but make sure to spend a lot of time looking down your sights. Eventually, you should get the Spider Vision triumph. This is a holdover from past festivals, when aiming down sights would sometimes cause a spider to crawl across your view. You might not actually see a spider appear, but the triumph should pop either way.

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That’s it! Pretty easy, if a little opaque. If you’ve got any candy or Strange Coins left over after you’ve finished your triumphs, your best bet is to spent them on Eva’s legendary grab bags. These contain Legendary drops and can sometimes even have Enhancement Cores. As for the Werewolf Auto Rifle, the curated, masterworked version is unfortunately better than any random roll you might get.

The Festival of the Lost didn’t bring too many surprises this year, but seeing the Tower all decked out was nice. Plus, that sting when you fly down from orbit? Perfect. And hey, thanks to my witch’s broom sparrow from the Eververse, everyday is Halloween.


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