Destiny 2 Eververse Changes Coming This Fall

Bungie is fixing cosmetics.

Destiny 2 is a game as much about dressing up your robot space wizard as it is about blasting other space wizards that came from the moon. And like any game that assigns stats to different pieces of equipment, there’s a tension between looks and effectiveness. Do I want to use this beautiful helmet that fits with my character’s vibe? Or do I put this cardboard box on my head because it makes my shooting better? Moving forward, players may not have to choose.

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Eververse Universal Ornaments – Destiny 2 Update

In the past, Bungie intentionally restricted perks on Eververse armor in order to ensure players couldn’t simply buy their way to good equipment. Unfortunately, that also meant these unique-looking sets were rarely very useful. And what’s the point of fighting for Eververse gear if you never want to use it?

Well, to address this glaring issue, all Eververse armor pieces in Destiny 2 will convert into “Universal Ornaments” starting on Sept. 17, 2019. And Universal Ornaments can be applied to any piece of Legendary armor moving forward. Additionally, any Eververse armor you have in your collection will be automatically unlocked as an ornament.

These Universal Ornaments will function much like regular Destiny 2 ornaments. The big difference is that, as their name implies, they aren’t tied to any one specific armor piece. They will instead override the look of whatever gear they’re attached to — while leaving its stats unaffected. That seems much, much more useful than the old system.

Changes to Bright Dust – Destiny 2 Update

Bright Dust is kind of a weird currency in Destiny 2 right now. You get it from completing some Eververse bounties, but the most reliable way to acquire it is by earning or purchasing Bright Engrams. You can then dismantle the items you receive as a result, giving you the all-important currency that just lets you buy the Eververse items you actually want.

It’s an unwieldy system. That’s why, beginning this fall, Bungie will change Bright Dust altogether. You will no longer be able to earn it through dismantling items. Bright Dust will instead be a reward for completing various Vanguard, Crucible, and Gambit bounties. The short version is that this means Bright Dust will be earned through gameplay, rather than purchases and post-game leveling!

When Bungie implements the change, all Eververse items will begin granting legendary shards and glimmer upon dismantling. Additionally, Eververse items in your collection will cost shards and glimmer to reacquire. Bungie recommends that players dismantle any unused cosmetics before the changeover on Sept. 17 in order to maximize their Bright Dust reserves. Consider this your second reminder!

We’ll likely see more changes to armor and cosmetics as we get closer to the fall season — as well as closer to Destiny 2: Shadowkeep. Bungie alluded to as much with its promise of an “Armor 2.0” system in the company’s ViDoc last week. Until then, check out our other Destiny 2 coverage to keep up with the Season of Opulence!


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