This Week in Destiny 2: Events, Updates, Ascendant Challenge – April 29, 2019

We’re pulling into the final stretch of The Revelry in Destiny 2, guardians! Been there, done that? Well, let’s check out what’s new this week in Destiny 2. We’ve got everything you need to know about Destiny 2 updates, events, and the Ascendant Challenge for April 29, 2019. Even with the spring event winding down, there’s almost always something new to do!

The Revelry Verdant Light Triumph Update

Last week, Bungie disabled The Revelry’s orb generation in several modes in order to address a bug. That meant that one of The Revelry triumphs became almost impossible to achieve, requiring precision kills in Crucible while Reveler’s Tonics meant that grenades were flying everywhere. To remedy the situation, Bungie is reducing the requirement for orb generation for the triumph from 200 to 20. This change won’t be implemented until after The Revelry ends. Once it does, players who have met the 20 orb requirement will automatically unlock the triumph.

Destiny 2 hand cannon

Luna’s Howl & Not Forgotten Nerfs

Luna’s Howl and Not Forgotten are some of the most devastating weapons in PVP Destiny 2. Apparently a little too devastating, since Bungie has announced that they’ll be nerfing these two hand cannons in the upcoming Season of Opulence. The Magnificent Howl perk on these weapons will now only increase body shot damage, and both guns’ RPM will be reduced to 150:

Our current plan is to make Luna’s Howl and Not Forgotten the only 150 RPM precision Hand Cannons. They will maintain some aspects of their current behavior while taking on the firing speed and damage of the 150 RPM Hand Cannons. Magnificent Howl will also be adjusted so that it increases only body-shot damage, resulting in a two headshot/one body-shot kill. Magnificent Howl will still give an advantage due to requiring less precision hits for optimal time to kill.

Xur is Selling Sweet Business

This week, Xur is on The Rig on Titan. Most of the Exotics he has this week are uninspiring, but Sweet Business is an excellent PVE gun to add to your collection. This Exotic kinetic weapon is basically a minigun. The longer you hold down the trigger, the faster and farther it fires. Additionally, walking over kinetic ammo will automatically load it into the clip while the trigger is held. Sweet Business is an effective and fun weapon to play around with in PVE settings, and you should definitely pick it up. Pair it with the Lunafaction Boots Xur was selling last week for a truly good time.

The Destiny 2 Ascendant Challenge: April 29, 2019

This week’s portal is mercifully one of the easiest to reach. Just spawn in the Divalian Mists and immediately turn around to enter the Bay of Drowned Wishes Lost Sector. The portal is inside. Just hug the right-hand wall as you enter. You can’t miss it (assuming you’ve become Ascendant with the Tincture of Queensfoil).

This is arguably the easiest challenge to complete, too. All you need to do in this giant abyss is follow platforms all the way down to the bottom. That’s… really it. You can see the main, lit platform you need to reach if you look carefully. So just make your way down slowly. Be careful, as some of the platforms do rotate, but it’s easy enough to predict.

Kill the two wizards that spawn after you reach the final area. As with most Ascendant Challenges, it might help to have a friend or two. You get kicked out of the portal if you die, but allies can save your progress until you return.

Once the wizards are dead, the loot is yours. Congratulations!

And that’s all for This Week in Destiny 2! Check back next Tuesday, when Destiny 2 gets its next dose of new challenges, for our guide. In the meantime, you can read our Destiny 2: Forsaken review for more thoughts on the expansion. Take care!