Bungie Changes Up Rules for the Destiny 2 Crown of Sorrow Raid Launch

New rules aim to make a more exciting World's First race

Destiny 2’s new raid, “Crown of Sorrow,” will have some tweaks to the first 24 hours to help keep the race for World’s First completion a bit more fair.

World’s First completion for Destiny raids have been a big deal since the original game launched in 2014. In Destiny 2, Bungie began rewarding the first teams to beat a new raid with prizes like exclusive jackets and championship belts.

With the new mode called “Contest,” the World’s First race will be different than any raid before it when it goes live on June 4 at 7pm eastern. While Contest is active, players will face an enforced challenge throughout the raid. Power beyond certain levels won’t provide an advantage for a given fight.

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The example given by Bungie is that the first fight won’t provide an advantage past 700 Power, and the final fight won’t provide an advantage past 720 Power. This is to prevent players from blowing past encounters simply by power-leveling.

“When we were building Vault of Glass in 2013, the notion that our raids would launch a competition around World Firsts in Destiny was only a dream,” said Destiny series director Luke Smith in a new blog post for Bungie. “The Me-from-2013 certainly didn’t imagine we’d have the opportunity to make sweet championship belts and jackets for champions and competitors. It’s been an incredible multi-year run: Bosses have fallen off ledges, sword bearers have been clutch, giant foes have created jaw-dropping moments, and the list could go on and on. With Crown of Sorrow, we hope to add more memories to your time in Destiny’s Raids.”

In the past, players have saved up rewards from previous seasons to power-level at the beginning of a new one and start incredibly strong in raid encounters. This wipes that off the board for the first day.

Once the 24-hour period ends, Power in the raid will go back to normal. The hope is that, by that time, a team of Guardians will have already completed Crown of Sorrow and earned their place in the raid hall of fame.

“While we love seeing players find clever ways of leveraging game mechanics, we wanted to step back and look at what’s going to be the best player experience for those competing and those watching,” said Smith.

When the raid goes live, you can be sure that streamers across all live-streaming platforms will be participating in the race to be World’s First, and Bungie will be watching along with everyone else. With this change, you can be sure that the winners of the race will have earned it fair and square.