Changes Coming to Leveling and the Eververse Store in Destiny 2 Season of Opulence

New ways to level up multiple characters, Eververse changes, and more

Bungie has revealed new information about Destiny 2‘s upcoming Season of Opulence, offering a bit more on what to expect when the new content goes live on June 4.

The developer’s weekly blog post was scant on specific information about what Season of Opulence will contain, but Bungie did provide some new information on leveling in the new season as well as on the in-game real money and digital currency hybrid Eververse store.

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Bungie says the Drifter will return to the shadows and Benedict 99-40, the hacked sweeper bot in the Tower’s basement, will become the new main source for rewards. Drifter will take such a far step back, in fact, that his Gambit bounties will be nerfed in a big way. Power boosts from Gambit bounties will decrease once you’ve achieved 700 Power, and even further when you reach 720.

Prime Engrams will now double, which will be a big help in leveling when the new season goes live. Players will receive two new prime attunements, even if they were playing right up to the reset — this will help big time with leveling up in the race for world’s first raid completion.

Last season’s Power Surge will come back, but this time in the form of a quest instead of bounties. Players will need to complete this quest to access the new raid, and it will only have to be completed once per account. After one character completes the quest, alternate characters will be rewarded with Surge gear at Power level 690, effectively boosting alts without having to grind.

Sweeping changes are coming to the in-game Eververse store, as well. The storefront is getting an overhaul where every new Eververse item in Season of Opulence will be available for direct purchase via Silver or Bright Dust. The items will rotate on a weekly basis.

A “greatest hits” Bright engram will be made available, too. This will contain a “collection of community favorite legacy items, with a focus on the best of year one.” Emotes and other items only available in the first year of the game will be available again in this new engram. This replaces the seasonal engram, meaning all new items will have to be direct purchases.

Full armor sets will be made available as a single purchase per class as opposed to being in engrams, but individual armor pieces can be purchased with Bright Dust whenever they appear on the storefront. Players can also get refunds on individual items with a seven day window after a purchase is made.

As with every new season, you can expect a plethora of emotes, Ghost shells, sparrows, ships, armor and weapon ornaments, and more. All of the new content, both paid and free, will be available when Season of Opulence launches on June 4.