Bungie to Fix Menagerie Chest Glitch on July 9

Get those Austringer god rolls in soon, because Bungie is fixing the Menagerie Chest Glitch in Destiny 2 soon. The glitch, which allows players to open the end chest of the Menagerie activity multiple times, will be patched on July 9th.

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Bungie addressed the Menagerie issue in an update today, noting that they have been aware of it for some time:

When Season of Opulence began, we watched as players quickly discovered a bug in how the Menagerie’s final chest granted rewards. Players began to race out of the area and then back to the chest as fast as they could to get as many rewards as possible before sent back to orbit. It felt reminiscent of when players were farming treasure keys from chests on their Sparrows leading up to House of Wolves.

Consider this an error in your favor. We haven’t rushed to fix it, but when we patch on July 9, this loophole will officially close, allowing only one opening of the chest per completion. Until then, we invite you take advantage of this all you like. Grow fat with strength. 

Sadly, this ends speculation on the possibility that the “glitch” was an intentional trap laid by Emperor Calus. Occam’s Razor prevails, and the loophole will be closing on July 9. Why the event gives players so much more time before they’re kicked to orbit than other activities is still unclear.

Until Bungie does disable the behavior, you can use it to your advantage with their blessing. It is the Season of Opulence, after all! You can use the glitch to quickly obtain all of the new equipment available through the event. Or, you can roll the same item over and over to get the ideal perks, as Bungie seemed to suggest today:

Check out our Destiny 2 Menagerie Chest Glitch Guide for the full details. If you’re moving on to the Heroic version of the event, you might want to know What Makes the Heroic Menagerie Different. And if you’re searching for that perfect Austringer, we can help you out with that too. Me? I’m still working on grinding out the Imperials I need to fully upgrade my Chalice.


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