Bungie Pushes Back Release of Destiny 2 Shadowkeep

Expansion will now release October 1st

Bungie announced today that they are delaying the release of the upcoming Destiny 2 expansion Shadowkeep. Originally scheduled for September 17th, the expansion will now be released on October 1st.

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Destiny 2 Shadowkeep Expansion Releases Oct 1

In a news post on Bungie’s website, Luke Smith and Mark Noseworthy said that the expansion would “benefit from a bit more time in the oven.” Having split from Activision earlier this year, Bungie is now the full owner of Destiny and has the capacity to make these sorts of calls on their own.

From the perspective of a games writer, this is frankly a huge relief. September is traditionally a packed month and this year is no exception, with Link’s Awakening, Borderlands 3Gears 5, FIFA 20 and a number of other big titles all dropping. Borderlands 3 in particular — another loot shooter — was slated to release just four days before Shadowkeep. It’s good to have some breathing room between the two.

And as a Destiny 2 player, it’s also nice that with this delay Bungie is also extending the window for Moments of Triumph to September 17th. That’s another three full weeks to complete everything, which I’m sure will be enough time for me to finally grab Revoker. A whole mess of quality of life upgrades are coming with next week’s update, with the intention of making players “feel truly Opulent” as the season winds down:

  • Moments of Triumph has been extended through 9/17.
  • Gambit Prime and Reckoning weapon reward rates will be highly increased.
      • They will also have bad-luck protection to guarantee a drop after a set amount of runs.
  • Reckoning difficulty will be tuned to be more welcoming as you hunt for rewards.
  • BrayTech Schematics will no longer have a daily lockout and will give better chances toward weapons that players do not own.
  • Mountaintop and Wendigo GL3 pinnacle quests will become more accessible.
      • Specific quest objectives will be tuned based on player feedback
  • There will be multiple weeks of increased Valor and Infamy to look forward to in September.
      • Iron Banner will be accompanied by increased Valor in each event.
  • As the season comes to a close, Menagerie chests will become more rewarding as Calus sees fit.
  • On the week of Destiny 2 Update, we’ll be hosting a Community Challenge of sorts. Stay tuned for more details.

The news post also indicated that more information is coming next week, which Luke Smith confirmed on Twitter, saying that he was hoping to publish a “State of the Game” piece “looking at the last six months of learnings from Destiny 2 and outlining the kind of changes we’re making to the game in Shadowkeep and why.”

It seems like there’s plenty to look forward to as Destiny 2 heads into its next season. Shadowkeep, cross saves, and more are coming soon. But out of all these, the thing I’m most excited about is that I’ll be able to sleep in September.