Something for the weekend: Conan O’Brien getting trampled in UFC 2

You have to love Conan O’Brien’s Clueless Gamer series, even if you don’t otherwise watch his show. They’re great standalone bits of entertainment. And I suspect, as we get older and we find ourselves with less time to spend the dozens of hours needed to master a game, we can relate to his fumbling more and more. My heart goes out to him in these videos, truly. Every single time.

Anyway, everyone here at ZAM HQ is wrapping up for the weekend — we’re headed to San Francisco next week to cover the Game Developers Conference! — so I’ll leave you with this, in which O’Brien is provided with a virtual UFC 2 avatar of himself to be mercilessly pummelled into the mat by UFC featherweight champion Conor McGregor. Now that’s quality television.

Once you’ve wrapped up with that one, go ahead and check out a few of O’Brien’s other Clueless Gamer videos. I recommend his reviews of Skyrim and Tomb Raider, if you haven’t seen them before.

Kris Ligman is the News Editor for ZAM and recommends the documentary Beyond the Mat if you’re at all interested in pro wrestling and MMA. You can holler at Kris on Twitter @KrisLigman.