Luca Fisher

Luca Fisher

Terminal millennial writing about video games as art. Lover of sad old men and liminal spaces.





LunarCon Kicks Off in FFXIV, an In-Game Player-Run Convention

Dalamud hangs low across the horizon… LunarCon is upon us in Final Fantasy XIV! The second annual online convention will be held once again on the Crystal Data Center from July 29 thr...

Chasing Catgirl Arby's in Final Fantasy XIV

With its own host of diners, drive-ins, and deep-sea dives, FFXIV‘s Crystal data center is brimming with eccentric housing ventures. The data center has a long-standing reputation as the ...

Geometric Realities: Cosmic and Symbolic Shapes in Games

“Physics and cosmology have been, almost by definition, absolutely crucial for making sense of the universe,” says Shing-Tung Yau, a professor whose groundbreaking work in mathematics earned him a Fie...