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LunarCon Kicks Off in FFXIV, an In-Game Player-Run Convention

The Crystal data center's very own player-run convention is now live for the weekend.

Dalamud hangs low across the horizon… LunarCon is upon us in Final Fantasy XIV! The second annual online convention will be held once again on the Crystal Data Center from July 29 through the 31. After an incredible turnout last year, the con is here to stay. A colorful host of panels and events are available for players throughout the weekend, including an in-game cosplay contest, a live auction of rare items, and tips for conquering Palace of the Dead.

You can check out the full LunarCon Schedule for more information! Below are some panels that I’m personally looking forward to.

1. This Will Surely Affect The Trout Population

Keeping in lunar theme, representatives from the Eorzean Aquarium will be hosting a lore panel about how dropping a fake moon from space influenced aquatic life on Etheirys — or, in other words, How the Trout Population was Affected by Dalamud’s Fall and Other 100% True Lore from Fish.

The Eorzean Aquarium made a splash recently in the community for its commitment to catching and displaying every single fish available in the game — a promise it has continued to keep, bringing smiles to visitors across Eorzea and beyond. Its popularity has earned it a slot at this year’s LunarCon, where staff members will be taking a deep dive into the item descriptions for various fish as they relate to the world of FFXIV at large. While Fisher is a gathering Job and a supplementary part of the game to most players, panelist Fruity Snacks insists it is rich with worldbuilding details and flavor. The talk promises to answer such thrilling questions as “what fish eat Lalafell?”, “what did the Allagans do in their Spare time?”, and much more.

You can tune in to watch today at 5:45 p.m. ET via Twitch. Be sure to catch three other fishing-related panels hosted throughout the weekend by Aquarium staff, too!

2. One Brings Shadow, One Brings The Neon Lights

What’s a con without a rave? Two popular DJs from FFXIV‘s hoppin’ nightclub scene will be performing LunarCon sets tonight starting at 11:00 PM EST in the Malboro Lavender Beds at Ward 6, Plot 36. Slap on those 2B Boots and get dancing!

During each set, players are encouraged to dress up according to a given theme. The first, played by DJ SlyAKAGreyfox, invites us to wear our best disco pants and wild hair inspired by the ’70s and ’80s. Later in the night, the second set calls for light and dark glams — DJ Limit Break challenges us to make even Hydaelyn and Zodiark jealous. Great mixes of game music, hard beats, and perhaps a few meme bangers are guaranteed. Keep an eye out for DJ Limit Break’s signature Tiny Rat minion, and it just might appear.

3. All About Accessibility

Sara Winters will be hosting a LunarCon panel titled “Blind Prog: Visually Impaired Accessibility and FFXIV.” In an MMO full of flashing, particle-rich raid mechanics and a particularly dense UI, customization options can make or break the game experience for many players. Does FFXIV offer native colorblind support? Are ground AoEs easy to distinguish from patterns on the floor? (Looking at you, Phoinix.) Have creative fans made tweaks and plugins to fill the gaps? Tune in on the August 30 at 6:00 p.m. ET to find out.

There’s a little something for everyone at Lunarcon this year — put on your best glams, make new friends, and celebrate the game that brought us all together. See you there!

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