Xur is Selling Vulpecula With an Impact Masterwork in Destiny 2

Xur, you've done it again.

Xur’s on Nessus this weekend, and our favorite Emissary of the Nine is selling something weird — a Hand Cannon with a Masterwork that doesn’t belong on it. Specifically, he’s offering a Vulpecula from Season of the Lost with an Impact Masterwork.

But seriously, the Masterwork doesn’t seem to have any effect on the weapon. Despite Hand Cannons having an Impact stat, the masterwork doesn’t seem to do anything. The Impact stat will increase to a total of 80 when fully Masterworked, but it doesn’t change anything. This isn’t the first time in recent memory that Xur has sold a weapon with a perk or Masterwork that doesn’t seem to belong on it. Last week, he sold a Corsair’s Wrath with a Blast Radius Masterwork. Last month, he was selling a Stars in Shadow Pulse Rifle with a perk that changed every once in a while. And a week before that, he had a Chrysura Melo Auto Rifle with an Accuracy Masterwork.

Otherwise, this isn’t an amazing Vulpecula roll — you can do better than Tunnel Vision/Opening Shot for either PVE or PVP. Grab it as a novelty, and add it to your increasingly-large pile of weapons with weird perks.

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