Ruby Weapon is a Gosh Darn Mech in FFXIV Patch 5.2: Echoes of a Fallen Star

The latest update brings what you might expect: more story, a new trial, Eden's Verse, and more!

FFXIV Patch 5.2 shows no signs of slowing the high momentum the MMO has enjoyed since the launch of Shadowbringers. In addition to more raids and story content (plus a callback to the pre-reboot FF14), the update’s latest trailer shows off the kind of fan service players expect at this point. That includes Ruby Weapon: a Final Fantasy 7 super-boss that’s making its way to The Source just in time for the remake later this year. But there’s one key difference. The Patch 5.2 version of Ruby Weapon is basically a Gundam.

You can see for yourself in the video below. Be warned that there are some minor spoilers for Shadowbringers and its post-release content in the highlights, though! If you can stomach those, or are already caught up and waiting for the new content, there are a lot of hints for what’s to come…

We’ve got airships! We’ve got Y’Shtola! We’ve got everyone’s favorite evil boyfriend, Zenos yae Galvus, strutting through a burning city like it’s nothing! And of course there’s a shot of what looks like Dalamud (the moon that exploded and dropped an angry dragon on the planet at the end of Final Fantasy 14 1.0). It’s intentionally tough to tell how all the pieces fit together, but one thing is always certain whenever there’s a new FFXIV patch trailer. It looks very cool (and completely impenetrable if you’ve never played the game).

Outside of the main story, the patch notes also promises Eden’s Verse: the next step in Shadowbringers‘ Normal Raid. This is, as usual, optional content. But most hardcore FFXIV¬†players will want to see it for the endgame loot and over the top battles. There’s also a new, slightly less taxing dungeon by the name of Anamnesis Anyder. It looks to be set in the Tempest (the final new zone unlocked in the Shadowbringers main campaign). Though we don’t know much about that, besides that it features a big cyclops boss.

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FF14 Patch 5.2

On the Main Scenario Quest side, we return to Ruby Weapon. It appears to be the boss of a Trial called Cinder Drift. So most players will likely encounter it in the course of normal play. Maybe they can figure out just who is piloting the thing! They look to be a Garlean, but who can say? The only thing I know for certain is that Ruby Weapon is at least five times cooler in mech form. Mechs are cool!

Finally we have more Beast Tribe quests, updates to fishing and crafting, more Ishgardian Restoration work to do, and something called “Resistance Weapons.”

That last one appears to be the 5.2 Relic Weapon questline for FFXIV. It seems to center around Bozja, the homeland of the Hrothgar on The Source and another place of importance in classic FFXIV. Players will presumably be able to juice up their Relics to the highest levels we’ve seen yet. It’s just not clear what that means in terms of gameplay yet. Will it be tied to a unique land like Eureka Anemos, or something similar? That would be interesting, but hopefully it’s less of a grind this time!

You can read more details on the special FFXIV¬†Patch 5.2 website Square Enix has concocted. And we’ll be sure to keep you in the loop as we approach the update!