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How to Unlock the Rubellite Weapon in Final Fantasy XIV

Now you can have a weapon all to your own.

It’s been a few days since Final Fantasy XIV’s latest update, Patch 6.4, dropped into players’ laps. Perhaps you’ve already faced off against Golbez in the Voidcast Dais, polished off Pandaemonium: Anabaseios, or dived into the updated Island Sanctuary. Or maybe, you’ve noticed an influx of brand-new minions. One of those minions in the Rubellite Weapon.

This small copy of Ruby Weapon is available to all those who are willing to meet on the field of conflict. Luckily, Rubellite Weapon isn’t one of the rarest minions in the game. You simply have to be willing to try some of the alternate content available in FFXIV.

List of 30 rewards for PVP
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Where to get the Rubellite Weapon minion in Final Fantasy XIV

The Rubellite Weapon minion is actually a reward from the current season of PVP. PVP Series Four is a whole new set of Series Malmstones that you gain by participating in Crystalline Conflict, Frontline, or Rival Wings. Crystalline Conflict is probably your best option if you’re not deep in PVP already. Rubellite Weapon is the level 15 reward for PVP Series Four, smack dab in the middle of the series.

Rubellite Weapon isn’t the only new minion or cool reward in FFXIV Patch 6.4. The Posher Otter, the Chimpanzee, the Mossasaurus, the Traveling Supporter mount, and the Magicked Children’s Bed mount all await those willing to put in the time and effort. There is so much to do in Final Fantasy XIV once again. Now is the time to defeat those dungeons, get that gear, and stock up on adorable minions and mounts.

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