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FFXIV Manderville Relic Progression Will Have "No Major Changes" in Patch 6.45

If you have a problem with the current Relic Weapon grind, get used to it.

Every Final Fantasy XIV expansion has a corresponding grind for a Relic Weapon. Relic Weapons, in the brief window of their release, are the best and shiniest weapons available to the Warrior of Light. (This has not actually been the case since Ultimates began releasing.) Back in A Realm Reborn, the system began with the Zodiac Relics, involving a lengthy questline with several tedious steps to complete.

The thing is people apparently liked the uphill climb to forge their Relic. In Endwalker, we have the Manderville Relic series, which has been much easier to complete so far. With the current two phases of the Manderville Relic, you simply need to have the requisite amount of Allagan Tomestones to trade for the items needed. It’s much easier, but also less exciting for some.

If you were hoping that future phases would be vastly different, we have bad news. In an interview with Dengeki Online (translation via Reddit), FFXIV creative director and lead producer Naoki Yoshida said that the process won’t be changing much. Yoshida was asked if the Manderville Relic process would change in Patch 6.45, or if it’d be a new process.

“I don’t want to say, ‘This is what I’m going to collect’ before the implementation. The intention is that you can also strengthen while playing the content, so please rest assured that there will be no major changes,” said Yoshida.

So strap in and be prepared for ongoing Tomestone dumps in the immediate future. On the bright side, at least you don’t need to do anything wild like the Trials of the Braves book grind from the Zodiac Weapons. My soul still has yet to recover from that.

While you’re grinding Tomestones for your future Relic Weapon, you can grind Tomestones for some great rewards. Currently, we’re in the middle of the Moogle Treasure Trove event, which allows you to trade Irregular Tomestones of Mendacity for some cool mounts. Enjoy it while we wait for the upcoming Live Letter from the Producer on Patch 6.4, streaming on May 12.

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