Games Like Destiny 2 — Warframe, Borderlands, Final Fantasy XIV

If you’re a fan of Destiny 2 and looking to give something new a shot, there are a lot of other games that scratch similar itches. Here are seven games like Destiny 2 that you might want to check out on your next break from fighting the Hive.

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1. Warframe

Probably the closest to Destiny 2 in terms of structure and scope, Warframe is a huge F2P online squad-based game that casts players as living robot space ninja with superpowers, taking on horrific monsters, hypercapitalist empires, and genetically-engineered clones. Warframe‘s lore is almost as well-developed as Destiny‘s, with rich histories and compelling character arcs throughout. The game is also closer to a traditional MMO than Destiny is, offering side activities like fishing, mining, hunting, and pet raising alongside the core action. Said action is pretty great, putting more of a focus on acrobatics and melee combat than considered gunplay.

The game’s many Warframes display an immensely creative range of powers and abilities, from controlling light and shadow to shifting between parallel dimensions. The F2P element here comes in the form of the game’s crafting system. Everything except purely cosmetic items are unlockable with enough grinding, but crafting weapons, items, and Warframes can take minutes to days. That can be annoying, but it’s a pretty unobtrusive system and a much less exploitative one than mobile or gacha games. All in all, Warframe is one of the most fully-featured looter-shooters out there right now.

2. Deep Rock Galactic

For those who like working as a team, Deep Rock Galactic offers something a little different — a first-person game where shooting isn’t the primary activity. Sure, you’ll be blasting alien bugs, but your main goal in Deep Rock Galactic is mining precious ores then escaping safely to the surface with them. The game has a great feel to it, with a nice variety of classes to play around with and a range of missions available. Squad composition is much more of a factor here than in Destiny 2, with some classes specializing in defense and others in traversal and exploration. There’s not as much of a narrative here as in Bungie’s space shooter, but if you’re looking for a team-based experience that’s a little more cerebral than shooting everything in sight, Deep Rock Galactic is worth checking out.

3. Borderlands 3

Destiny 2 has become one of the best-known looter-shooters, but Borderlands invented the genre. It’s not a live game in the sense that Destiny is, with more of a focus on a traditional narrative campaign plus some expansions, which may be a plus or a minus depending on your tastes. Also not for everyone is Borderlands’ sense of humor. If you like it, it’ll add a lot to the experience. If not, well, you might not last long. Borderlands has much more of a focus on rare drops than Destiny 2 currently does, so if you love the god roll chase then you’ll enjoy what’s here.

4. Final Fantasy XIV

Destiny 2 has become closer and closer to an MMO over the last couple of years, but the game is still at heart a shooter. If you’re looking for a game with a world just as well-developed — maybe even moreso — than that of Destiny, and you want to interact with it in ways that go beyond shooting things, then Final Fantasy XIV is a good bet. Yes, it’s a daunting proposition to get into, but Final Fantasy XIV has grown from a rocky start to become one of the best MMOs out there, as well as a great Final Fantasy game in its own right.

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5. Risk of Rain 2

Playing Risk of Rain 2 is like playing through a Destiny raid at 10x speed. The game gives you a great sense of progression throughout a run, with characters getting new items and abilities as they progress towards the final confrontation on the Moon. Risk of Rain 2 is a roguelike, so those looking to fine-tune a build over dozens of hours might not find what they’re looking for here. But there are unlocks to be found over the course of playthroughs, like new characters with distinct skills, and putting together a build on the fly can be a satisfying feeling when everything comes together. Risk of Rain 2 is the perfect game for anyone craving a team-based MMO/shooter-style experience with their friends without the time commitment these kinds of games typically demand.

Gunfire Reborn

6. Gunfire Reborn

It’s still in Early Access on Steam, but Gunfire Reborn has been immensely successful so far. The game opts for a more cartoonish aesthetic than most shooters, giving it a unique look that stands out among the usual military/sci-fi themes of the genre. As a cute gun-toting animal, you’ll play through randomized levels either solo or with friends, creating a build on the fly in a roguelike style. Gunfire Reborn has some ongoing balance issues, but with an extremely active development team, adjustments are frequent, making it definitely a game to keep an eye on.

Payday 2

7. Payday 2

One of the most popular co-op shooters on the market, Payday 2 is a little less fantastical than Destiny 2. The game casts you and up to three friends as career criminals ala Heat or Point Break, setting you up to do everything from knocking over convenience stores to pulling bank heists. There’s a lot of planning, skill customization, and cosmetics involved, making Payday 2 a potentially very deep game for anyone looking for an ongoing team-based shooter.