The 5 Stages of Hard Light Grief in Destiny 2

As we enter the third week of the Season of the Worthy in Destiny 2, the Exotic auto rifle Hard Light continues to run roughshod all over the Crucible. Thanks to an across-the-board buff to the weapon type, the once middling gun is now by far the most used weapon in Destiny 2‘s PVP modes — turning multiplayer matches into deadly laser light shows. Hard Light has no damage falloff at range and its shots ricochet off of surfaces, and until Bungie nerfs the weapon, all Exotic auto rifles, or, more likely, disables the weapon entirely, it’s here to stay.

Some players are angry about the state of Destiny 2 right now. Others are depressed. The good news is that these are perfectly natural reactions, and that working your way through them eventually leads to acceptance.

1. Denial

“Hard Light is meta? No way. Even if it got buffed, it still can’t touch my Mindbender’s Ambition.”

2. Anger

“This is fucking bullshit! Bungie doesn’t know how to balance their goddamn game so now the Crucible is full of no-skill scrubs running around getting kills by bouncing shots everywhere. Trials is ruined, have fun getting killed by some twelve year old in Iron Banner, Bungie once again doesn’t know how to do PVP. I’m done with Destiny.

Destiny Drifter Lore

3. Bargaining

“Maybe I’ll try using Hard Light in this match. Just to see what it’s like, I mean. I’m not going to start using it just because it’s broken. I don’t have to follow the meta to do well or have fun, but it wouldn’t hurt to see what it’s like.”

Getting Back Into Destiny 2

4. Depression

“I’m not even surprised by this kind of thing anymore. Destiny used to be fun, but ever since the game went free-to-play, Bungie just doesn’t seem to listen to players. This season is just bounty grinding, plus they took away our emblems. Of course Hard Light is dominating the Crucible — what, did you expect balance or a quick reaction?”

5. Acceptance

“I can control nothing but myself in this world. I cannot predict or decide the circumstances I will find myself in. But I can always choose how to feel and react to whatever comes my way. There are always going to be unpleasant, difficult, and painful situations in life. I may be struck by an arrow of misfortune at any time, but I need not let myself get so wrapped up in the pain that I am struck by a second. Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional. Hard Light is only a series of bits represented on a computer screen in a video game. If you need me I will be on my Animal Crossing island with clear skin and flourishing fruit trees.”


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  1. Pvp is fun now everyone shut up had to put up with. 3 or 4 seasons of the same crappy meta its about time. goodbye not forgotten/handcannons and special weapons meta. Hello gunplay with autos again 🙂

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