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13 Incredibly Minor Changes I Want to See in Destiny 2 Beyond Light

With Beyond Light delayed until November, we’ve got plenty of time to speculate about the changes it might bring to Destiny 2. I’ve done my fair share of big dreaming, but today I want to think smaller. Specifically, I want to bring up a list of quality of life changes that I’m hoping come alongside the new expansion this fall. These are little things, the kinds of features whose presence would be barely noticeable but whose absence can cause minor headaches. No narrative dreams or big mechanical requests here, just some changes that would smooth out a lot of the rough edges of Destiny 2.

1. Autosharding

No more blue drops. Society has progressed beyond the need for blues. Seriously, all Rare drops do at this point is clog player inventory, requiring you to periodically clean them out one by one. I don’t need blues. If I do, I can get them from Collections. Please give me an option to automatically turn them into materials.

2. Sparrow Speed Equalization

Sparrows are mostly treated as cosmetics in Destiny 2, which barring a far more complex vehicle system is the way to go. Maybe it made sense to have tiered Sparrow speeds back when the game first launched, but now all it means is that a lot of Sparrows never see use. Just make every Sparrow in the game go at the same speed. And while we’re on the subject…

3. No Stats for Ghosts and Sparrows

There’s no reason for Ghost shells and Sparrows to have rolled perks. Again, all it means is that certain shells never get used, because they don’t have Guiding Light. And with Sparrows, random rolls mean having to pull the same one out of collections over and over until you get reduced summoning speed. Ghost perks are a neat idea, but they could use a mod-like system instead of being shell-specific, which would open up a lot more aesthetic customizability.

4. Photo Mode

That’s it, a photo mode. If that seems like requesting a totally new feature, then I’d settle for a button to toggle the UI on and off.

5. A Better Season Pass

I actually kind of like the Destiny 2 Season Pass, with one exception — some of the level rewards are totally pointless. A handful of Raid Banners? Some Glimmer? We can do better than that. Toss in some more useful materials, Bright Engrams, or legacy cosmetics and I’d be thrilled. Oh, and that reminds me.

6. Wider Cosmetic Access

Destiny 2 has a lot of neat Ornaments to customize armor as well as Exotic weapons. The problem is that only a few of these are available at any one time. There are Ornaments that I’d pay money for right now if they were available in Eververse, and beyond creating an artificial sense of urgency I don’t understand why the selection is kept so limited. I want to give you money, Bungie. Why won’t you take it?

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7. An Emote Wheel

I have a ton of emotes I never use simply because I forget about them. It would be great to be able to have more than four accessible at once, and an emote wheel is a very straightforward and commonplace way to allow just that.

8. Improved Collections

This season saw an improvement to Destiny 2‘s Collections system, letting players check their collection of ornaments for Exotic weapons. That’s great, and I’d love to see it expanded to cover Exotic armor ornaments, too.

9. Vault Access Anywhere

It’s a pain having to go to the Tower to go through your Vault. Yeah, you can just use DIM — but it would be nice not to have to tab out when I wanted to grab a different weapon. And while we’re at it, the Vault could use some filters to make going through it a little less miserable, especially given that a lot of players are going to be clearing their stores out once the Power Cap mechanic kicks in.

10. Solo Queueing

Just let me queue into strikes solo if I feel like it. Balance isn’t an issue at this point, and I don’t see any real reason why you shouldn’t be able to solo queue into regular strikes like you can with Legacy Nightfalls.

11. Faster Material Exchange

Whenever you have to exchange materials to a Vendor to get some reward in Destiny 2, you’re almost always limited to a few at a time. There’s no reason why you should have to click four or five times to give Banshee parts when you just want to max out the bar and get an Engram. This could be as simple as adding a “max out” button that shows how many materials it’ll take to fill up the bar and letting you do it in a single go.

12. Guardian Appearance Changes

Let me change my guy.

13. Standardize Ship Effects and Shaders

There’s no reason for either of these things to be limited or take up inventory space. Changing cosmetics shouldn’t involve going to pull things out of Collections, realizing I’m out of space, deleting shaders, pulling the ones I want, then applying them. And while we’re at it, how about an “apply to all” button like when you’re previewing a shader?

Those are all the little changes I’d like to see in Destiny 2 come Beyond Light. Did I miss anything you’d like to see implemented? Let me know in the comments below.

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