5 Lore Questions I Hope Destiny 2: Beyond Light Answers

With Beyond Light still two months off and not a whole lot to do in Destiny 2 right now, I’ve found myself wondering about some of the game’s unanswered lore questions. Beyond Light will no doubt clear up some of these, focusing as it does on the mysterious Exo Stranger and even-more-mysterious Savathun the Witch Queen.

But you know what? Today I don’t care about any of that. I’m not going to empower Savathun by asking whether she even exists or is a psy op by Zavala to draw attention away from the plans of Xivu Arath, the one and only true Hive Queen. No, today I’m reflecting on some of Destiny 2‘s loose ends, those enticing little bits of story the game picked up and then seemed to drop a season or three ago. Here are five questions about Destiny 2‘s world that I’d love to see addressed in Beyond Light.

1. Is Uldren ok?

The last we heard of the Guardian Formerly Known as Uldren Sov, he was eking out a miserable existence on the edges of the Last City with his Ghost Pulled Pork. Guardians scorn him as the killer of Cayde, despite knowing from personal experience that being resurrected by the Traveler cuts you off from your past life entirely. Uldren has seen some kindness from the too-good-for-this-world Saint-14, and hey, we do need a new Hunter Vanguard. But regardless of whether the ex-Fallen prince becomes a new primary character, I’d love some lore about his experiences and why he doesn’t simply put on a helmet when he realizes people recoil in disgust whenever they see his face.

2. Why are we still fighting the Fallen?

In Beyond Light, the Kell of Darkness Eramis finds a way to harness terrible powers and tries to use them to rebuild the Fallen as a dominant force. How many times has this happened in Destiny history now? The Fallen are one of the most interesting enemies in Destiny, and short of lazy characterization of them as unintelligent, short-sighted monsters, there’s truly no reason for Guardians to be fighting them anymore. Yeah, the Fallen were awful during the Collapse. But have you read about some of the shit the Risen got up to? Not pretty. Hundreds of years later, we’re staring down the arrival of the Pyramid Ships, and there have got to be more than a few Fallen who would rather face them alongside the Guardians rather than having to deal with two seemingly unstoppable paracausal enemies at once.

3. What’s going on with Hive politics?

Shadowkeep introduced some great Hive lore with the Inquisition of the Damned book. It showed us Hive characters struggling against the limitations of the Sword Logic, the social Darwinist philosophy that both guides Hive existence and grants them paracausal powers. We know there are Hive who think Oryx isn’t really dead, some who are looking for a new Crota, and others still who have begun to doubt their whole deal. Whatever Savathun’s up to, there are almost certainly a lot of Hive against it — like, say, maybe her sister Xivu Arath? Even if we don’t get answers about the big players in Beyond Light, I’d love to get more lore about internal Hive conflicts.

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4. How’s Calus doing?

Speaking of the Cabal, remember back in the Season of Opulence when Calus was front and center and then just… sort of didn’t do anything for the next year? We know that the Leviathan is entering the DCV next season, which implies that it’ll either be destroyed or peace out from the system. Either way would seem to jeopardize Calus’s prophecies/fanfiction about the Guardian standing by his side at the end of all things. Is the arrival of the Pyramid Ships the universe-ending force Calus encountered in deep space? Is he going to flinch at the last second? I need to know what daddy Calus is up to, Bungie.

5. Is the Red Legion done or what?

After losing the Red War, the Legion stuck around the solar system to cause problems for us and Calus. We kicked them off the Leviathan in Spire of Stars and dealt with their final remnants in the Season of the Worthy. So what are they doing now? Are there any of them left? Will they finally admit defeat? The Cabal aren’t inherently aligned with the Darkness — they’re just space rhinos turned militaristic by Ghaul. If there are any survivors after the destruction of the Almighty, then there’s no reason why they might not decide that the arrival of the Pyramid Ships is a great excuse to bury the hatchet and work with Guardians to deal with the bigger, much more existential threat at hand.


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