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Street Fighter 6 Juri Command List and Impressions

Juri is kickin' it in Street Fighter 6 and brings her unique playstyle back for another round.

Street Fighter 6‘s roster includes some of our favorite characters from the series’ history with some new faces joining the fight. One of the exciting returning characters is Juri. We were able to get hands-on time with a new preview build of Street Fighter 6 which included her as a playable character. We were also able to check out the full Juri command list, and you can check it out below and start theorycrafting combos and mix-ups.

Juri is all about the feet, baby. Give her a foot and she’ll take a mile. Those who played her in previous entries, particularly Street Fighter 4, will find that she plays similarly. She’s one of the more difficult characters to handle due to her technical moveset. Her best moves revolve around Fuha stocks, which are charges you accumulate by doing her quarter-circle-back-kick move called Fuhajin. You get once charge per Fuhajin performed and can bank up to three and string together some wild combos.

The three main Fuha-based kicks — Saihasho, Ankensatsu, and Go Ohsatsu — can hit one after the other if you have the Fuha stocked and can execute the consecutive quarter-circles on time. This makes for a devastating bread-and-butter combo. While her moveset isn’t exactly extensive, the ways in which you mix up and execute her kicks are keys to putting your best foot forward. You can see all her moves in the full Juri command list below.

If you’re looking to foot the bill for the game, you can jump in early by applying for the Street Fighter 6 closed beta happening on October 7 to October 10 for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC. We also have an interview with the game’s director and producer about how Kimberly was created for Street Fighter 6 alongside Black employees at Capcom and Black consultants. And if you want to see how she plays, check out our impressions and the full Kimberly command list as well.

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